Cowboys 17—Rams 20

For all those that had been screaming “Anybody but Jason,” we finally got our wish in the form of Mike McCarthy, former Green Bay Coach.

By. A. Govea


There were high expectations since McCarthy has the skins on the wall, and we were all convinced (Me included) that any real coach could go 16-0 with all the talent we got.  Pero that prediction is now out the window, thanks to a Ram team that came to play also and decided they should win. 

  The Boys weren’t horrible. They just were a lot like they have been for the last several seasons; you really believe they can win… until they lose. DAK had a decent game 1 T.D., 266 yards, no turnovers. Pero, he missed a few throws, so he was not perfect. Zeke looked better than last season with 96 yards rushing plus some good catches. Cooper led all receivers with 81 yards and had a good game, sans a drop or two. Michael Gallup looked like someone with something to prove, and first-round pick Lamb did not disappoint in his debut game. Unfortunately, T.E Blake Jarwin got hurt early and now appears to have a season-ending ACL injury. May have to bring Witten back from the Raiders?


 On defense, Vander Esh also went out early with a broken clavicle and will not be returning this season. This is troublesome since Sean Lee is already out for six weeks or more, which could end his career. The bright spot on defense was Aldon Smith, which had not played since 2015, with 11 tackles, two Q.B. Hits, one tackle for a loss, and one sack.  The defense was okay overall but okay won’t get you into the playoffs. On special teams, there appeared to be some improvement. At least I do not remember some dumb mistakes. A missed field goal did not help, though. 

  Fan reaction has been mostly to use a golf term let’s give them a mulligan on this one and see how they do against Atlanta at home. I believe this team has enough talent to win. Pero, belive it or not, I have already heard a call or two for Andy Dalton. Boy, I am not there yet at all; I believe DAK can get it done, but hey, what do I know. Oh, and some people got excited when they went for it on 4 & 3 rather than kicking what may have been a game-tying field goal.  Finally, we got somebody with guts leading this team (Some people screamed), Pero, since it failed, most of the same people were like “Why the hell did they do that”! Last, who will kneel and what will happen if they do, will Jerry freak out?. Well, that was mostly anti-climatic with only one sole Cowboy taking a knee, and that was Dontani Poe with Aldon Smith and Antwaun Woods with their hands on his shoulder. Im’ glad that it turned into a non-story, but I Am curious to see the reaction this Sunday at AT&T Stadium. GO, COWBOYS, who is with me?

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