Previously I asked if you were prepared for the aftermath of the coronavirus.  I also mentioned that we were going to go through uncharted waters.  

Felix Alvarado



Previously I asked if you were prepared for the aftermath of the coronavirus.  I also mentioned that we were going to go through uncharted waters.  Along the way we lost our compass, so we do not know in which direction we are going.  In the words of Doris Day’s song, “Que Sera, Sera, whatever will be will be, the future not ours to see, Que Sera, Sera, what will be will be.” There will be educated guesses, and some not so educated.


There are three monumental issues in America today: one, the coronavirus Pandemic; 2, is the economy; 3, and is the civil unrest.  All three have the potential to bring America to its knees, if they haven’t already.  All three are equally important.  


The coronavirus must be almost at the top because it affects everybody. All of us are at risk of catching the virus without any warning.   It is deadly and kills at random regardless of race or nationality.  Of course, the coronavirus is not the only enemy.  A bigger enemy are the thousands of people that go out in public without wearing a face mask.  It is like playing Russian Roulette.  The sad reality is that these people are not endangering just themselves, they are endangering those around them totally innocent people.  Their action is like those protestors that go out and steal and destroy property.  No longer is the accurate number of deaths due to the coronavirus readily available.  It is as if it is no longer a relevant issue.  



The economy likewise affects all of us.   It is our livelihood.  The vast majority of us depend on the economy for employment.  Of course, as mentioned in my article regarding the aftermath the coronavirus is having it is having a devastating effect on the economy.  Large retailers have declared bankruptcy.  Too many stores shut down.  Too many small businesses have shut their door permanently.  Jobs are disappearing with all these closures. No economy, no jobs, no food.  

The stock market is not a good predictor of the health of the economy.  Too many major retailers have filed for bankruptcy or are on the verge of going broke.  This is a non-starter for job creation.  For risk takers this is the moment to buy stocks.  


We have riots across the United States.  Trump’s game plan is to use vicious dogs to quell the riot at the White House. Attack the thugs that would bring him down.  Asking his MAGA supporters to show up at the White House during the riots.  Fortunately, his MAGA supporters had enough common sense to stay home, otherwise we probably would have a civil war in our hands. 


All three of these issues dominate America today.  Trump disguises his leadership ineptness and incompetence by creating crises elsewhere. Of course, all these crises are intended to show his base that he is an action player, he is the star of the show.   This show of force also includes the use of bullets.  He wants governors to buckle down and be more forceful. 


Trump’s way of evading issues is to use pivot maneuvers.  These pivoting tactics include withdrawing from the World Health Organization (WHO), removing trade benefits with Hong Kong, and the favorite tactic blaming someone else for whatever problem he has.   He wants to designate ANTIFA a terrorist organization, blaming Biden for the protests.  The finger pointing goes on and on with negative words about the mayors and governors.  He claims all these leaders are weak.


Our government is divided into three sections.  We have one that is splits in half, the congress.  Republicans rule the Senate, the Democrats the House.  The Senate is no longer a viable institution.  It is there to serve Trump. The Supreme Court has five conservative judges.  As conservatives they do not render decisions based on common sense interpretations of the constitution, but in some sort of rigid interpretation of the constitution based on ideology.  Ideology is the constitution of conservatives.  


Trump has worked his way into a position of dictator.  By stifling the media, he has succeeded in doing what Maduro did in Venezuela.  Maduro also changed the courts to support him.  Shutting down the media is what dictators do.  No one can question the truthfulness of a dictator.  Trump has done all this with the consent of the Senate Republicans.  In the old Soviet Union there two state newspapers, Izvestiya and Pravda.  They were there to spread government propaganda.  Do we want to be like puppets, having to do whatever the government tells us because we are afraid of the rifle pointed to our head?  


The greatest hoax that has ever been perpetrated in America is the claim that Trump was a great negotiator.  Power is not a negotiating tool, persuasion is.  In France during their riots President Macron was at the forefront trying to quell the rioters.   Hopefully, bullets will not be used to quell the riots.


America needs a leader; it has a buffoon. 


God Bless America


Felix Alvarado



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