How many times have you heard Donald Trump accuse someone of treason, probably and wrongly, thirty times?

by Jim Stodola

I love President Biden for saying that Trump’s Big Lie is a Big Lie. But what did Biden say about voter suppression speaking of Republicans in dozens of states? He said, “Have you no shame?” That line might have worked against Wisconsin GOP Senator Joe McCarthy many years ago, but it doesn’t work now. Voter suppression is TREASON, and that’s what wimpy Joe Biden should have said. You all should know Florida’s voter suppression laws and Oklahoma’s and Arizona’s. And that our own AbominableAbbott, who has screwed up so many things lately, has called a special session of our legislature to again attempt to make Texas the most voter restrictive state in the Union. The Reprehensible Republicans nationwide have introduced some 216 bills to restrict voting. In my mind this is TREASON. The United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has voted six to three to uphold Arizona’s voter suppression.

And that means it’s time for President Biden to pack the Court, adding maybe four more SCOTUS justices. But will he have the balls to do it, or will he keep praying that the GOPs will someday come around, which they NEVER will. Remember that just as Netanyahu swore, he will bring down the opposing coalition in Israel, so too, Mitch McConnellpromised to bring down Biden over here.

Enough of Biden’s thinking that the GOP is going to come around for bi-partisan agreements on anything Mr. President, the fat lady has already sung! And it’s time for you to get TOUGH, not dirty, but tough. And it’s time to quit catering to so-called Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, he was just down here in Texas attending a fund-raiser with GOP donors.

I don’t know what you could accomplish without him but think about this. Remember when Tricky Trump refused to give financial aid to California during last year’s horrible forest fires, saying that Californians weren’t raking leaves from the forest floors. (Donald, it’s brush and trees, I’ve seen how slowly leaves burn, you moron). Trump finally succumbed a bit.

Here’s what you need to do Mr. President: Go ahead with a smaller infrastructure bill. After it passes, state that you are going to withhold such money from states where both GOP senators voted against it. Tell folks that their GOP senators want the bridges to collapse. If they want to get the money to fix bridges, etc., vote out those jackasses. Yes, it will hurt Texas until we get rid of those jackasses, maybe sooner than later with a recall vote as they are trying to do to ourDemocratic governor in California.

You all are aware that the Republican part of the Arizona Senate is conducting a recount of Maricopa County’s 2020 presidential votes. Only their own biased reporters like OAN, the right-wing extremist group are allowed in. The rest of the reporters have to stay almost caged in a corner, being thrown out if they left the corner. Now Looney Lindell (Mike), swears that he will have 100% proof that the election will be overturned. The ballots were then shipped to a barn in Montana which this tainted GOP group calls their “lab.”

The tainted gang was first using blue- light which can damage ballots. Now keep in mind that the ballots were officially counted THREE times already. Forget the bamboo paper scam, with all I have told you regarding this matter, I AM FIRMLY CONVINCED THAT THIS TREACHEROUS GANG HAS ACTUALLY BEEN ALTERING THE BALLOTS!

There are three very recent books on the sickness of Donald Trump and his cronies:

“Frankly We Did Win This Election.” By Michael Bender

“I Alone Can Fix It” by Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker

“Landslide” by Michael Wolff which I am reading now.

I started to list a lot of sick facts about Trump, but just keep this in mind. Unless he is in prison, Trump will run again, and he has a lot of moronic followers. I believe that Matt Gaetz, GOP Florida. representative, will most likely be in prison for, among other things, statutory rape. Both being from Florida, Trump will first run in a special election for Gaetz’s seat. Trump can still go to prison as a representative. Now when the GOPs take over the House and Senate with their crooked voter suppression laws, well, it goes from there. Fight my friends, fight and educate. I know you cannot educate pig-headed morons but try.

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