Families in Texas were devastated when they discovered the disturbing truth about the death of their elderly family members. They had initially been told by the staff at the Senior retirement communities that their mothers and grandmothers had simply passed away due to natural causes, however the reality of their last moments is almost too much to bare for the victims families. 

By Carla Espinoza


Billy Chemirmir was born in a small suburb in Kenya and was the son of the village chief. He would move to the United States in 2003 and in 2007 began the steps to become an American Citizen. But it wasn’t long before he began drinking heavily and was soon convicted of driving under the influence in Addison and Dallas from 2010 and 2011. Then in 2012 he was arrested for beating his now ex- girlfriend. But it was the crime he committed in 2016 that would lead to him committing the most unforgivable offenses. June 2016 he was arrested for trespassing at Edgemere Retirement Community and later pleaded no contest to illegally trespassing, but he allegedly realized an even more sinister plan.

            “Chemirmir used his healthcare experience to his advantage, targeting and exploiting seniors, some of the most vulnerable people in our community,” former Plano police chief Gregory W. Rushin stated in a Marc 2018 press conference. “This is terribly disturbing.” It is alleged by Plano and Dallas authorities that Chemirmir gained access to upscale senior living facilities by posing as a medical professional or a maintenance worker. He may have seen the robberies as the perfect crime. The victims were elderly, so it was assumed they had died of natural causes, leaving their alleged murders uninvestigated time and time again. 

            But finally in March of 2018 an 81-year-old women living in one of those upscale senior living facilities would experience the most horrifying night of her life but would live to tell the dark tale. The women alleged to police that a man with the same description of Billy Chemirmir had forced his way into her home and ordered her to, “Go to Bed”. Don’t Fight me.” That’s when the man allegedly began to smother the women with a pillow. Then he allegedly stole her jewelry. But it was unbenounced to Chemirmir, the 81-year-old women regained consciousness. 

Some of the Victims

Billy Chemirmir

            Billy Chemirmir was later identified by police from his license plate number. When authorities arrived at his apartment complex, they alleged they witnessed him throwing a jewelry box into a garbage can. The box was traced back to 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris who was found dead in her bed. 

            Now Chemirmir has finally been charged in connection to the deaths of 14 elderly people in Dallas and Collin counties between 2016 and 2018 but he has pleased not guilty. Recently it has been discovered that he may be involved with another 8 murders and subsequent robberies. 

            Many people aren’t just pointing their finger at Billy Chemirmir, some believe the Senior living facilities are also to blame for the tragedies. It has been reported by some residents of the senior homes that they complained about Chemirmir roaming the halls and staff continued to let him walk around freely. Now there have been three new bills introduced to legislators to further protect seniors and families who put their trust, faith, and money into these senior living communities. Now Billy Chemirmir is being held in the Dallas County jail on $11.6 million bond where he awaits trial. 

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