I want to talk about a task that we have during our time here on earth. Our journey begins with us as babies who are dependent on our parents. Parents have an important responsibility besides making sure that we eat. Their duty is to form a child into a responsible adult.  They can only do that up to a certain age. From then on it is up to us to form ourselves into better persons.  It is a constant undertaking and duty which has a big reward for our Souls.     


  Our spiritual selves have been put into these great vehicles called bodies. What’s fun about them is that we can command them to do stuff. These bodies made of flesh and bone love to do stuff that makes them feel good. We as tenants of these bodies are electrically connected. We are able to feel all that good stuff the body experiences. It feels great to be alive. The flesh is automatically programmed to always be in the “give me, give me” mode. We are in a constant battle trying to control that function. Worldly things give us many different feelings.  Many consist of pleasures, some are uncomfortable and others like people on the freeway may make us angry. Those that fall in the category of the “Thou shall nots” as outlined in the ten laws Moses hand delivered to the world coming directly from God are the “No-No” boundaries of the flesh.  Two new and most important commandments God delivered them himself.  Jesus, our Lord God and Savior gave them to us. The first one is, “We are to Love God with our whole hearts, our whole Souls, and our whole minds”. The second, “We are to Love Our Neighbors as we love ourselves”.  


 As long as we follow Jesus’s two Commandments the Ten Moses delivered will be automatic. It is pretty obvious if we Love our Neighbors we will not do anything to harm them. 

 The challenge is that our computer brains+ our conscience= the soul. We are thus identified by an equation. We are created with automatic programs and are given free will by God to expand those programs. The programs in us start very basic but then as we experience the world, variables are introduced which expand our capabilities to do stuff.  Remember the “give me, give me” mode is always running and that is a good thing.  That mode drives us to become productive individuals and causes us to become successful in what we decide to do.   Life’s experiences can add variables in that constant mode. They sometimes entice us to deviate from the two important commandments Jesus gave us. That action registers in our equations as a “Sin”. That is not good for us Souls.

 You see our journey here on earth where we experience God’s Glory and Love is the time when we make ourselves worthy to become members of the Kingdom of God. We cannot enter that Kingdom with the “Sin” variable as part of our equation that identifies our Soul. God knows that and he is a Merciful God.

 To save us, He came down to earth and became a Man. You have heard the expression what good leader would ask his followers to do something he wouldn’t do himself. That is what God did.  After thousands of years of purifying one race of people in order to produce that one female worthy to carry His son.  Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary.  Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh, was born to show us the way. The jealous religious leaders during his time on earth had him crucified. The method by which he was put to death is explained to the world as a sacrifice to God for the forgiveness of sins.  Three days later he resurrected from that death. He thus conquered death. He now will live forever in his Kingdom. We can live with him in His kingdom but we must first be made worthy.

 Jesus Christ set up his Church here on earth to help us purify our Souls so that we can be qualified to be with him.  Our journey here on earth includes a constant undertaking of Purification. God will forgive our sins if he knows we are sorry for committing them. We must ask him for his forgiveness. Catholics are assured of forgiveness when our Catholic Priest who is a representative of Jesus Christ, hears our confession and absolves us from our sins.

  Jesus commands us to Love.  To live with that attitude toward all our neighbors helps us in our purification goal.  We may never be perfect as human beings but if we strive to follow that commandment we will be like Jesus. Our Soul’s equation will then have a huge positive value that can zero out any negative variables inserted during our weak moments. 

Pray to God ask him to help you. Remember,

God will be Merciful. For God is a merciful God!  



Peace and Love to you all,

Joe M. Govea, a devout Catholic whose duty is to evangelize  

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