Cowboys 37-Giants 34

Immediately after seeing Daks’ leg injury, those of us that were around back in 1985 remembered the Joe Theismann injury.

A. Govea


His injury came on a November Monday night game when he was the Washington Q.B. against the same Giants. During that time, the Monday night game was the equivalent, if not more popular, than today’s Sunday night game. At one time, they had loved him or hated him Howard Cosell, former Dallas Q.B. Dandy Don Meredith, and later Frank Gifford. They made Monday night a must-see T.V. and not just for the game on the field. But I digress back to Dak.

  With Dallas leading 24-23 late in the 3rd quarter, Dak takes off on a Q.B. draw play, which many had been calling for him to do more of. New York tackle Logan Ryan met him, he tried to stiff-arm him; Ryan dragged him down. Then his ankle caught under Ryan, which lead to most of us watching at home saying to no one or everyone within hearing distance Oh S- word. When you saw him looking down at his foot and his foot looking up at him. It looked terrible cause it was terrible. As they carted Dak off the field, we saw him crying, not like a baby but like a Man that perhaps was hurting more inside than outside. Since he knew immediately, he would be out for the season, which was the best-case scenario.

  Since then, he has undergone successful surgery on his ankle, which probably has a better medical explanation, but why go there as it will go over both our heads. Pero, the long and short of it, is that he should be back next season, unlike Theismann that never saw the field again. But his injury was worse, and back then, “What the Hell did we really know” Doctors were still smoking while checking you out. The big question for Dak will be, how will that affect his yet to be signed contract? Who knows, but this season they guaranteed him 31.4 million, and I think he will be okay financially either way. Next season the Cowboys will reward DAK with a huge contract, and if not, then another team will. Either way, the 31.4 million he already has made this season; he has more money than most of us would see in several lifetimes. That said, I know most of us wish him a full and speedy recovery. I know I do.

  Pero ahora (But now) we have Andy Dalton AKA the Red Rifle, which I was very much on board when the Cowboys got him. Not because he is a local boy via TCU, but because I always thought he was a good Quarterback. And now I think at least at the skilled offensive positions, he has more talent than he ever had at Cincinnati. And on Sunday, coming off cold off the bench Sans, the fumbled exchange with rookie center which might not have been his fault, he did well. Ca No, (Didn’t he) I mean those throws to Gallup were right on target! And again, it was an immediate baptism by fire for ole Red Rifle. Pero, he was up for the challenge, so maybe Nick Foles 2018 Super Bowl comes to mind. 2020 is the year of anything can happen, Ca, No?

  Okay, I really don’t believe that. Pero, I think the Boys can win with him under center. But as Pee-Wee Herman said in Pee Wees’ Big Adventure, “All my friends have big buts.” And one of the big buts for the Cowboys is the Defense. They just gave up 34 points to the worst offense in the league and led by Jason AKA The Clapper! And yes, D. Lawrence finally made his presence known, and Jaylon had his best game. Pero, can we count on them the week after? Heck, can we count on them against the Cardinals next Monda? I like the blitzing and what appears to be open tryouts to find talent. So yes, let’s not get our hopes up too high. However, I noted the team rallied after their leader went down.  To use an old cliché- let’s take um one at a time, Ca No.

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