Members of the Pan American Golf Association from all over the U.S.A. will invade Fort Worth this July 2024 for their yearly National golf tournament and convention.  Golf tournaments are composed of various categories. Men’s, Ladies, Seniors, Super Seniors, and Juniors (ages 6-18). Six golf courses will be used. Family and adult festivities are planned for the whole week.

The Pan American Golf Association is a social organization created for the purpose of promoting and playing golf, enjoying family social events, and having friendly relationships with other civic organizations as well as other Pan American Golf chapters.  They help the community by giving out scholarships and promoting junior golf programs.

The National Pan American Golf Association which was founded in 1947 has grown to over 30 chapter in 8 states. Over two thousand members are involved in improving local communities with a variety of projects. The PAGA is a non-profit organization and is hailed as one of the largest amateur golf clubs in the United States. Their yearly charity and scholarship fundraiser tournaments keep most all our chapters busy all while enjoying golf.

 The Fort Worth Chapter has its beginning in September of 1951, when an avid golfer sold the idea to two brothers of forming a golf association. This golf triumvirate soon created enough interest among their friends to form an original quorum of fourteen members. In 1956 the name was officially changed to Pan American Golf Association of Fort Worth. Members come from all walks of life. They are regular local community men, women, seniors, and juniors. We have small business owners, managers, office personnel, corporate individuals, government workers, military retirees, and self-employed professionals. The Club is composed of young individuals embarking on careers and active retirees.

 PAGA of Fort Worth’s plan is to partake in the camaraderie of friends, hear the clicking sound of a well hit ball or join in the friendly jostling after a round of golf. All this spells “PAGA” collectively playing the game and enjoying common fellowship in the great game of life.

Fort Worth has hosted this annual event seven times, 1958, 1965, 1973,1982,1994,2007,2015 and now in 2024. In 1994 the Club was host to over 900 golfers and their families, a total of over 3000 people. The overwhelming success of this 1994 event is testimony to the members’ resourcefulness and ability to plan and work as a team.  This 2024 event will be no less in showing Fort Worth’s continued ability to throw a great party! Please visit us at for more information

By Joe Govea, PAGA National committee member

Fort Worth is proud to host the 2024 PAGA National convention and golf tournament. 

Fort Worth welcomes all PAGA chapters to this beautiful city.

Thank you Fort Worth PAGA board and members for you dedication and hard work in hosting this event! 

Emerico Perez

President FWPAGA 

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