These 3 Amigos among the Disgusted Fans!

(Rerun from San Francisco game, same story, different opponent, no need to rewrite)                                                                                              

Pinche (Dam) Cowboys

I feel I have been a Cowboy fan for more years than I have been alive, Pero that might be a bit of an exaggeration. It has been over 50 years, that I do know. Probably closer to 55 years when I made the conciseness decision to Live or Die with every Cowboy win or loss. There have been plenty of ups and downs in my fandom including 5 Super Bowl wins, and 3 losses that nearly broke me.

   For me there was the Landry era, the Jimmy Johnson era, the Dam Garret era, and now the McCarthy era. And of course, a bunch of other Ham and Eggers that never really moved the needle for me one way or the other. As for Q.B.S there was Don Merideth, he of Monday Night Football fame, Rodger Staubach, Danny White (underrated) Troy Aikman, Tony Romo, (Hope Crusher) and now Dak Prescott, (H.C. Jr.)

   As for the owners, I liked it better when they were rarely seen and never heard. And especially not involved in football decisions. We all know who I am talking about here, so will leave it at that.

    In all my years as a fan I also became contagious to those around me, my sons, several grandkids. My sons have enjoyed the most recent Glory Years (28 years ago) for my grandkids for the most part it has become more of a Fairytale. They have never really been around for the Super Bowls, at least with full sports consciences. I have a cousin that has already apologized to his grandson for affecting him with Cowboy fever. Believe me I have been close to that also, but never as close as last Sunday (Cowboys/49ers) Latest collapse Cowboys/Packers 1/14/24.

   There are losses and there are embarrassing losses, this was one of them. Most people thought the 49ers would win. And I didn’t necessarily disagree with them, Pero I never thought that there was no way the Cowboys could win. Sure, San Fran has owned the Cowboys last few seasons but hey this year we have Doomsday 2 or 3 not sure which one and yea McCarthy is calling plays now. So not to sound like Dumb and Dummer (An old movie) I was telling everybody I thought we had a chance.

    Boy was I wrong, it reminded of when I said Trump would never win the presidency. I was wrong then, dead wrong. And while maybe sports are not as important as who runs our country, I felt very much like 2016. How could I have been so wrong, have I become Dummer in my old age, have I swallowed the J.J. Kool-Aid. Or worse I have lost touch with reality. After all, how many times has Jones told us this is the year, even after going through consecutive 8/8 sessions. I swear I am not buying it, but then they win a game or two. And if we squint hard, I guess I can almost see that, hey On Any Given Sunday. Why not us, after all we are as good as most, Ca No?  

   Well, the answer to that question is a resounding NO. That is if you watched the game on Sunday or the last 28 seasons. And we all know who must share a large part of the blame for the last 28. His answer to that is “Did you like the three Super Bowls; I hope you liked them very much” or something like that. For Sunday’s loss though I might leave him off the blame train for this one, at least for the on-field play.

    The blame in my (never really played anywhere) opinion but watched for over 50 years. Must start with the coaches, first did they ever consider one the top NFL Defensive teams probably saw what Arizona did to the Boys? And with a lot less talent on both sides of the ball. DAK looked scared and nervous most of the game and his play reflected that. Reminded me of the old Oprah Show (not that I ever saw it) where she announces to her audience “You get a new car, and you get a car etc.” Except DAK was “You get an interception; you get an interception and you too” What the H*** was that did he forget he could roll out?

   Good thing McCarthy is now calling the plays with his celebrated (sic) Texas Coast offense which managed to get the Boys 10 whole points. As a real Tejano-Texan I would appreciate it if you removed Texas from what is really a dumb name anyway.

   I have a few things to say about the defense also, Pero the blame her goes to Mr. Quinn (Think I know why he is not in Atlanta anymore). Knowing that San Fran has one of the best if not the best runner in the NFL and having just been whipped by the Mighty Cardinals you would think “Huh I better do something different this time.” As for the players themselves, in their defense (no pun intended) though when the offense spends most of the half or more sitting on the bench, something has to give.

    As stated in the title, most of this article is same one I wrote for San Fran game this season. No need to change much, Pero it is worse because season is over now, and maybe for the best. Now what I many other folks must decide, do we want to continue to stay in this mentally abusive relationship. Thinking about it, I normally spend 5.5 hours a week on this awful team. That’s at least 3.5 watching game and at least another 2 hours a week reading or listening to Cowboy talk. So not counting preseason the adds up to 5.5 hours a week x 17 weeks that is a whopping 93.5 hours a season. And what do I get in return, in the last 29 season, just more disappointment.  It is going to be another long off-season and have a long time to decide if is this B**** WORTH IT?  Do I want to continue throwing away good time after bad or something like that. What say you?

By. A. Govea


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