Hello football season, more specifically hello Dallas Cowboys! The start of the season is the best. Every fan thinks their team has a chance to play in February. I have been burned for over 25 years thinking my Boys had a chance. Cowboys’ fans are like the X-files “I want to believe” but “the truth is out there”. And the truth is I have not seen any evidence this preseason or the last few years that Dallas is any closer to the Super Bowl this season.

  Paul Torrez @thebooth2000@gmail.com



Now, I would love to be wrong. I’m a huge fan and not ashamed of it. But as we are only a week away from playing Tom and his Bucs, I just think our coaching will cost us more games like last season. And it’s not just McCarthy. Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore calls plays like Jason Garrett. 3rd Down and short he always calls long low percentage pass rather than a run or short routes with a few options. The Defense will be better under Dan Quinn but that’s a low bar considering last years D was historically bad. That being said, I really do think it will be much improved with new players (Micah Parsons) and last year’s rookies now having a season under their belt. If Daks throwing arm is really good to go, I have no doubt he will do great this season, but in addition to out playing his opponent he will have to out play his own coaching staff. Zeke is looking to be in better shape and don’t forget he started last season with covid, if he can get his fumbling under control, he will have a solid season. Receivers are solid led by the great Amari Cooper followed by Lamb and Gallup. We will be here all season talking Cowboys so remember to voice your opinion. Let’s GO COWBOYS!!                    

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