Trump’s advice that people should inject themselves with disinfectant is reminiscent of the Wild Wild West when quack doctors were going around selling sarsaparilla and snake oil as cures for all medical ailments.  As always, Trump did not say, what he said.  It was all “fake news.”  he did not say an injection of disinfectant would cure the coronavirus.  His “MO” is so simple, take credit for all good, blame somebody else for all the bad.  


We are being led down the primrose lane.   The big picture is this:  Almost every level of government is out of money.  The only way governments can replenish their kitty is by having you work and spend money.  Hence, the urgency to open the economy.  Then governments start raking in the money.  It is our money that pays for every level of government.


Just like a high stake’s poker game.  The difference between trying to restart the economy and poker is that in poker you use chips to play the game.  In the economy the chips are people.   That is, you and me.  When we work the government makes money.  If we do not make money, the government does not make money.  That simple.  Opening the economy is a gamble.  Every politician hopes that the gamble pays off.  At stake is money or lives.  

Photo By: Gage Skidmore

Photo By: Gage Skidmore


This is an example of a gambler:  The Arizona GOP chair asked protestors to wear scrubs to demonstrations.  The hint is that the coronavirus poses no danger to society. All these first responders are lying.  Arizona has an incredibly competitive senate race.  The demonstrations to open the economy are funded by Republicans and encouraged by Trump.  Those are not people out there that are fighting for their liberties.  They have all been duped into believing that they are fighting for a worthy cause.  Anything to keep control of the Senate.


After the fall of the Román Empire in the year 476, The Roman Empire went into disarray.  Germanic Tribes, called barbarians, took over what used to be Rome.  Barbarians could not read or write they had no written language.  Illiterate people cannot govern. These Germanic tribes carved out a piece of what was the Roman Empire.  The fall of the Roman Empire was the birth of Europe.  It was not without pain.  


The period after the fall of the Roman Empire and sometime after 1300 AD is called the Middle Ages.  Sometime in the middle of the 1300’s is a period during which thousands of Europeans died from the Black Plaque.  A significant percentage of the population of Europe was decimated.  Just like Rome was not built in a day, neither was Europe.  The Europe that was born is the Europe you see today.  Except for wars.  The coronavirus is no different.  The US and the world will outlive it. How many people will die depends on the coronavirus and politicians.  


As I visit stores, I notice that most people are wearing masks.  You have some that do not wear the mask nor want to be told to wear one.  They are probably Fox News listeners.  I wonder who is more dangerous, Fox News or the protestors.  I see young people walking without any protection apparently believing that because they are young, they are immune to the coronavirus.    That is a wrong assumption.  No one is immune from the virus.   Young people are less susceptible to dying from the virus.  They can however catch it and pass it on to other people.  They can pass it on to their siblings, to the parents, to their grandparents and to friends.  To these folks that do not like to wear masks, I have two things to say, one, coronavirus is real, two, death is permanent.  As the Doris Day song goes, “que sera sera, whatever will be, will be, the future’s not our’s to see, que sera, sera, what will be will be.”


Felix Alvarado



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