For as long as I can remember, at least two of the three on this title have been out of bounds for dinner conversation. And lately even more so because of all the MAGA folks that not only have their own opinion but their own facts. Those folks are entitled to their own opinion, Pero their own facts Chala (No) Now on the extreme left, keeping up with the correct way to address a person or just about anything can also make me think “What?”, However we have a little thing in our constitution that guarantees “Freedom of speech.” So, I guess for now, just chalk it up to the way it is for…now.

   Now as for football it can get just as bad if you are a Cowboy fan or a Cowboy hater. I for one am part of the fan group, Pero. I don’t hate fans of other teams. And for sure, I don’t go on social media to troll other team fans. In fact, I do not give other teams any room in my Cabaza (Head) unless they are playing my team that week. All that said, I guess that unless you are expressing your feeling physically, I guess words don’t really hurt. Unless of course you let it, Ca No?

   Ahora, (Now) the biggest taboo subject religion, that has characteristics of both politics and football. Personally, I don’t care what your faith is, mine is Catholic cause my parents raised me that way. And in my seventy years plus in my life so far, I haven’t found a reason to change. Oh, I have changed church locations because of Church politics. Yes, politics, while most people, including me, would like to believe that politics does not belong in church. Pero sadly it is, just this Christmas one priest felt compelled to tell us that the Pope and some Bishops were going woke. Which was certainly disappointing to me and the other faithful, which included a fair amount of ChristEasters (Folks that only attend on Christmas and Easter).

   Like most, I was looking for more Birth of Jesus’ talk that came to save us all, even the so called Woke folks. Well like with other things in my life, I tried to just focus on the good and keep going forward. However, if this kind of sermon continues, I may have to move on, Pero I hope not. Either way, I know we will never agree 100% with everyone, not even with Siri or google maps.

   All that said, I believe we still live in the greatest country in the world and if it comes with stuff; we don’t want to hear, so be it. Even if I wholeheartedly disagree with you, I will defend your right to say it. Pero, you must remember that those rights are for all of us, and we all have an obligation to defend those rights. How can we do that, some may ask? Well, here’s the good news. Not going to ask you to pick up your Muskat and join me on the front line. No, all I am going to ask of you is to register to vote and vote. Both are important cause a lot of folks do one but not the other. Last, I will not tell you who to vote for, but I will ask to vote for those that believe in equal rights for all.

  By A. Govea (You are invited to share your thoughts with us on our podcast about this article or any other subject) Contact or text me at 817-797-4015,

Go Cowboys!

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