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Throughout history there are many things that make a person change their ways, and behaviors. One of the most significant times of year that people change things about themselves is during the new year. These are significant changes made that night and the day of the new year. However, people often after a few days into the new year break their resolutions. Most people don’t understand that throughout the year, there are new moons. These new moons also signify a release and a new period of time. Just the other day it was Lunar Chinese New Year individuals that follow the farmer’s almanac know that you have the ability on that night to relinquish things that no longer serve you and make new resolutions during these new moons.


What would you let go?

What would be your resolution?

Have you broken you resolution already?

Everyone has the same 24 hours in the day, and the way we use those 24 hours determine your destiny. It takes 30 days to make a new habit or let an old habit go. Think about things that are hindering you and are not serving you or doing the most good in your life.


What can you do to change those things? 

·      Create a morning ritual.

·      Read, read, read.

·      Appreciate more.

·      Make time for exercise.

·      Master the art of listening.

It’s that simple.

Then there are feelings that things are going your way in the new year, feelings of inadequacy. Those thoughts sometimes occur when you let yourself down and succumb to break the resolutions that you had the best intentions to fulfill .

This feeling is completely natural, but every day you have the opportunity to start over, to start anew. You don’t have to wait till the end of the year you can do it tomorrow, after all tomorrow the sun rises and the beams shine down differently every morning as should you .

Take heed you have all the power to change your destiny , you just have to apply your energy to things that serve your long term goals.

Don’t know what you want to do?

Get involved there are so many organizations that need your help.

Service is the best feeling ever ,to know that you have made an impact on other lives also helps fulfill a void in your own.

Below are some places where your impact can make a change:

Make that change, lose what no longer serves you and make a lasting impactful resolution.


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