Wednesday afternoon, I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down with rising star Jourdan Boyle, a 34-year-old native of Fort Worth. Boyle is a producer, rapper, singer, editor, film maker the list goes on. He is truly a renaissance man and is getting the recognition he deserves. Jourdan has done eighty-two music videos, three short films, and one documentary.

By Sylvia Rodriguez


His passion for music began at the tender age of 13 years old. His then stepdad (his sister’s father) Joe Jackson arranged for Boyle to go to block party at Spring Chase Apartments in Berry Hill. There young kids standing around rapping and freestyling, Boyle was hooked. His stepdad who had already seen his gift, says to Boyle “Your real smart and could do a lot better than what these kids did!!”


That stuck with Boyle.


He purchased his first mix tape shortly thereafter; it was a Bones Thugs and Twista mix. He listened to the mixtape religiously at first singing along then rapping over the beats and melodies. He laid down his own words over the beats, and the words just flowed and flowed.


That did not last long within a few months he was making his own beats, “I got music program after talking with a friend, FL STUDIO 3!! “Exclaimed Boyle excitingly. “It was the first program I was on, I use that program and made beats for the next 5 years. “


How did making music make you feel?


It was my outlet.


Tough times loomed over my family. I was the oldest of six children, we moved into a two-bedroom apartment in Everman from Southwest Fort Worth during my ninth-grade year in high school. All seven of us. I was away from all my friends.

My mama was struggling, I had no real father figure at this point. Music helped me escape. Things worsened; my family ended up bouncing from house to house.

Thru a series of moving, I ended back up with my friends in Southwest Fort Worth for my 10th grade year. Life was a moving fast at home. I started getting frustrated at school recognized that it was not the best place for me earned my GED and started to lean on music even more.


What are your strengths that make you a great musician?


My work ethic.


My ability to see something and bring it to life.

I visualize the work it will take to get done. I can bring to fruition.

I had an amazing imagination as a child. I believe it has stayed with me through adulthood and has helped me in my career as an artist.


My mother helped me gain more of an understanding of other cultures she would encourage me to read and supplied my siblings with books and exposed us to other cultures.


Describe your creative process when you write new music.


When I think about writing music. I think of words, memories, or storytelling like I am writing a screen play.

I think of the entire process from beginning to end.

I move on that and paint the picture, write the song, create the visual.


What is it about music that makes you feel passionate and inspires you?


At this point where I am at now, it enhances any mood you are in. If you are sad, happy, or angry every emotion you have music can help accentuate it.

In music opportunities happen, and music opens doors.


Describe your favorite venue for performing.


I prefer a small intimate setting, where the audience comes to hear me.

I have a following due to the work I have put into the industry, and prefer like-minded artists and fans who would chose music and appreciate that it is more than just a paycheck or fame,






Tell me about your favorite performance in your career.


I was at La Rumba a night club in Fort Worth. Chino XL (rapper) was performing, and they asked the crowd. “Does anyone in the crowd have bars and can rap?!” I instantly got excited. They pulled me up on stage and I started to flow.

I did not want to give the mic back. (Boyle laughs). Chino XL gave me my props after my performance.

It was a great moment for me.



What is best piece of advice another musician ever gave you?


If you do not see yourself doing this till your dead, do not do it.

I am going to music till I die, whether I make it or not.

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