Spring Back Flash Back- From Our Archives – Santa Fe New Mexico

Although I have traveled far and wide in this beautiful country of ours, New Mexico has for the most part, escaped me. That is except for my way west to Vegas, L.A. etc. I did spend some time in Albuquerque way back in the 80s, but that was just for work. This time would be different.

By A. Govea



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Wild Hogs Diner

I arrived in Roswell, New Mexico on a Saturday around 2.00pm central time. But, it was 1.00pm there, you get a bonus hour with the time change which always gives me the feeling of time travel. After checking into a local Marriott, we went exploring (wife & I). And, if you know anything about Roswell, you know about the famous Roswell incident of 1947. I am not sure how the local folk feels about being best known for something that happened in 1947, but the local merchants embrace it.

Just about everywhere you looked there were Alien Images in front of their business, even McDonald’s was designed to look like a flying saucer. Main Street has at least 10 shops with Alien type souvenirs, and the main attraction there was the International UFO Museum and Research Center. In one of the shops, I visited the shop owner, who was a former resident of Arlington. I asked why she moved there, she shared that after living in Arlington and Chicago, New Mexico was the best weather fit for her, and her family. I wrote a separate article about my visit there, please see (Roswell 1947 Revisited).

Sunday morning, we left Roswell around 11.00am, after a little more souvenir shopping and having breakfast. It took us about 3 hours to get to Santa Fé, the scenery was very plain until you get into the Santa Fé area. Once there, we checked into another Marriott on Cerrillos Road, we had a bite to eat, then we visited an area pottery shop and decide to relax the rest of the day.

Monday morning after breakfast at a local eatery in the Downtown area, called El Palacio Café, we head west, about 25 miles out to the Cibola National Forest in Tijeras N. M. This is an Indian ruin archaeological site that housed up to 400 people, it was occupied from 1313 to 1425. And, while the site is basically buried now to preserve, some adobe walls succumbed due to time and weather. It is interesting to hear the history of how these people lived, they were speculated to come from the 4 corners region of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. Once done there, we headed towards a mountain area, labeled the Turquoise Trail, the name comes from the blue-green turquoise that was mined by the early Pueblo people. There are several old communities on the trail that still have an old west feel. Along with the trail you will find Museums, Horseback riding, artists and craftsmen, a golf course, and so much more. We were interested in visiting Madrid, where part of the movie Wild Hogs was filmed. There are several shops and eateries there, the highlight for us was the site of the restaurant featured in the movie. The site is now a souvenir shop with all kinds of stuff from both the movie and the town. We really enjoyed our day there, but realized you must spend two days in town to really experience this area. One last thing I almost forgot, going into Tijeras, there is a singing road that you should experience. When you go over the threaded part of the road you hear America the Beautiful, if you want this experience you must do it soon as this road is due to be repaved.

Tijeras Heritage

Tijeras Heritage

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