First, can we admit “Que Creias” is a way better break up song than “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo?

By N. Jimenez


Selena, the TV series, has finally been released on NETFLIX after much anticipation. This new series follows Selena and her large entourage of family and band members. Unlike the famous biopic Selena movie starring Jennifer Lopez, this series gives fans a closer look at the family dynamic and let us get to know the band more than ever before. While Selena (Christian Serratos) does take center stage in this story, her brother AB (Gabriel Chavarria) and sister Suzette (Noemí González) also share a significant role. We get to learn how their musical talents also made a major impact on the music industry. 

            The series first introduces a very young Abraham Quintanilla (Ricardo Antonio Chavira)

 and his band, the Dinos. But his music career is short-lived as a Mexican American musician who found himself too Mexican for the Whites and too American for the Mexicans. But when he realizes his young daughter Selena can sing, he starts a new band Selena y Los Dinos. Abraham plays guitar for his new band; AB is on the Bass, and Suzette played the Drums while Selena took on Lead Vocals. At the same time, Abraham quits his regular job to start his own restaurant where Selena y Los Dinos would entertain diners. But things take a sad turn as the economic crash of the ’80s causes the restaurant to close, leaving the family almost penniless. However, that significant setback would put the Quintanilla family on track to crossover from a small Tejano family band to Mexican American Music icons.


            Fans were excited about the new Selena TV series. But since its release, the show has been met with some negative reviews and backlash. Some viewers believed the show was whitewashed and, on some level, it was disappointing not to get a Mexican Selena, but the whitewashing did not go beyond the usual norm.  The show did a great job of representing Mexican Americans and the collision of cultures most Chicanos enjoy. Other viewers have expressed their disappointment with the quality of the show. But for a TV series, it is actually of the best quality in terms of soundtrack, costumes, and talent. Maybe some were expecting film production quality, but this a tv series -not a movie. The major complaint from viewers is about the Selena character itself. Many fans have said the writers only offered the surface version of Selena. Some were expecting to learn more about her personality or character. Sadly, it has been 26 years since her death, so we don’t get to hear her side. Unlike the movie Abraham Quintanilla produced, Selena, the TV series, is created by Suzette Quintanilla. Suzette gave us Selena’s story as she witnessed it all those years ago. 

NETFLIX did not miss the target with this new series. Anyone can watch this show and enjoy it, and there are even English subtitles for the songs! What is most striking about this series is the sense of impending tragedy as you watch the family rise to the top, but through the eyes of a heartbroken sister, we get to see Selena y Los Dinos make their mark one more time. 

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