Selena Gomez was made famous when she entered the Disney child star world as Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place. The show was a massive hit and would last multiple seasons and one Disney Movie. When Gomez’s break-out role was no more, she shifted gears and began to focus on her music career. Unlike many other child stars, she was able to quickly transform herself from a child actress to a chart-topping superstar.



But it wasn’t an easy road for Gomez. In an interview she would later reveal that she suffered from lupus’s life-threatening severe condition. Unfortunately, her health began declining just as her music career began to take off. At the same time, her tribulations relationship with her off- and on-again relationship with Justin Bieber were constantly making headlines. Like many people just starting in life, experiencing careers and new relationships for the first time – life was not perfect.

However, it wasn’t long before Gomez’s career began to pick up again. Her health improved when her best friend, actress Francia Rasia (Secret life of an American teenager), donated her kidney to Selena Gomez. She even landed her first #1 spot on the Billboard charts with her hit single, “Lose You to Love Me,” in 2019. And in an interview in 2021, she announced she was working on a new album. And at the same time, the busy pop star went back to her acting roots and joined comedy legends Steve Martin and Martin, short as the lead trio for the new Hulu series. Only Murders in the Building. This murder mystery is more like a murder comedy, as the odd trio delights viewers with their dark humor and has already been nominated for two golden globes. Now, she is making her debut appearance on SNL this Saturday to promote the second season of Only Murders in the Building. Post Malone will be the musical guest, and many speculate that Steve Martin and Martin Short will make cameo appearances. What is next for Selena Gomez? I am sure whatever it may be, her fans will be ready to tune in or turn up their radios.

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