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With the beginning of the Spring season, the time for severe weather in the North Texas region, begins as well. Many people are not prepared for floods, tornadoes, hail, alongside many other severe weather threats. The National Service of Meteorology in Fort Worth gives advice on how to be safe in moments of crisis.

Original Story By K. Castillo

   First, let us talk about the different types of categories during severe weather. We often hear different terms including a forecast, a watch, and a warning (NOAA.) A forecast only lets us know that there are possibilities for a severe weather storm, a watch is when the conditions are looking favorable for severe weather and this weather is also developing. Lastly, a warning is when severe weather is actively occurring in the area: do not doubt a second and take immediate action for your safety.

     Second, what are the steps to take if we find ourselves in the middle of severe weather or storm. During a flood, do not walk or drive in areas that are flooded. If hail is falling, do not keep driving; instead, find an area to park and wait for the hail to stop. During a tornado or strong wind look for shelter in your house or at work, far away from windows: a restroom or a closet are the best options (NOAA). But if you find yourself in a vehicle, look for a building to seek shelter and never stop under an overpass.

      The best advice that the NOAA can give is that if it is not necessary to go out during severe weather, don’t go out. Keep yourself and your family safe, alongside everyone else who you could put in danger if you leave your home. Enjoy this wonderful North Texas weather but in a safe manner.

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