Special Olympics and over 5 Million of our athletes are leading the charge for full inclusion of people with Intellectual Disabilities (ID).

The movement is rooted in the spirit of our founder, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who took a rebellious stand against the injustices faced by people with Intellectual Disabilities in 1968. Today, the fight for inclusion is more relevant than ever. People of all ages, races, genders, cultures, backgrounds, and abilities continue to face discrimination, ignorance, and disparagement. Just as Eunice Kennedy Shriver did 50 years ago, Special Olympics is setting a stake in the ground to create change and, this time, our athletes are leading the way.

That is just a snippet of information from the special Olympic website. Special Olympics means so much more than just playing sports. It’s about including someone that would not typically be included, and it’s about helping a friend Who has different abilities.

Sylvia Rodriguez 

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Special Olympics is about community, advocacy, and helping those with IDD by finding their strengths.

Just this week, I was able to attend several meetings in Washington, DC. There were athletes from all around representing their communities with one common goal to receive additional funding to spread the word further and spread the message of Special Olympics.

Special Olympics helps bridge the gap for underserved over populated communities with IDD. At events, the Special Olympics’ Healthy Athlete program provides these screenings:

Physical exams





Emotional Health

Physical Therapy


Sometimes the recipients of these screenings receive life-changing information. This past June, two athletes received eyeglasses at the USA games in Orlando, Florida, and one received a hearing aid.

Think about how much easier life is now that An athlete can see and an athlete can hear. Without the special Olympics, this may not have been found that the IDD community is one of the most underserved communities.

Through excellent programs, the special Olympics is changing that.

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