Feels like yesterday we were talking draft picks and now it’s time for the biggest game of the season. And, for nearly three decades my Cowboys will be watching like me, from the couch. Who do you root for when your team is not in the Bowl?

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It starts with the lesser of two evils, sometimes that is tough like in 2011 when the Packers took on the Steelers, I can’t stand either one. So, next level you root for the underdog. It feels crazy now but back in 2002 when Tom Brady went to his first Super Bowl, I was pulling for him thinking he probably would never be back considering he wasn’t all that good. Yikes was I wrong.

This Sunday we get two newcomers to the big game, Joe Burrow and Matthew Stafford. This is only Burrows second season and Stafford first season as a Ram. Me personally, I have always liked Stafford being he is the local boy and all. But it’s hard not to pull for Joe who had his rookie season cut short with a terrible injury and to be able to bounce back in only his second season and take his team all the way is amazing. The next thing I look at is former Cowboy players playing with their new team and getting a chance to be in the big show, cause let’s be honest, it doesn’t look like that will be happing in Dallas anytime soon. So, with that being said, I will be going for the Bengals and former Cowboy Chidobe Awuzie. 
 Now the good thing is at the end of the game I won’t be mad or anything since neither one of these teams are mine. So, the main thing is to spend time with friends and family and just have and laugh at some commercials. Let’s see if Chris Elliot makes into another Super Bowl commercial and be thankful that little baby wa wa that complains more than Anakin Skywalker and Aaron Rogers will not be playing in the main event. Party safe folks and don’t drink and drive and be sure to have good excuse for missing work Monday morning.

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  1. I remember rooting for Tom Brady in 2001 thinking the exact same thing. I think I turned on him after his 4th super bowl.

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