America Hates Women

Historically, and depending on the region’s social structure, women have always been treated as second-rate humans. The progress for the advancement of women’s rights and liberties has moved like molasses. And, when it comes to American Women’s rights, the story is no different.

America On the Horizon

This is the Industrial Age. American industry is expanding, and transportation is a driving the expansion. The horse and buggy and wagon train have died a natural death. Railroads are the transportation of the future.


A friend suggested that Trump will amount to nothing soon. I told him that soon Trump will buy a network more lying, right-wing extremist than FOX, and its name is One America News, OAN.

Carmelita La Amazon de Juarez

“We are willing to bathe and disinfect all the dirty, lousy people who are coming into this country from Mexico”. This was a direct quote from Dr. B.J. Lloyd, the public health service official serving in El Paso office in 1917.

America – After 9/1 1

If you were not at ground zero, if you did not make a harrowing escape for your life, having to leave co- workers and friends behind to die- then there is no possible we to comprehend the terror of the day’s events.

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