There was a special rumble tonight at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. Schollmaier arena was filled with eager athletes waiting to give a phenomenal show and they did that.

The score against the two teams was 40-35.

There were VIP Courtside Guest comprised of dignitaries.

Stephanie Boardingham Mayor of Forest Hill and her husband Timey

Anael Luebanos

School Board Trustee FWISD District 8

Eliza Hinkle Coordinator for 1313 Special Needs Ministries from the Edge Church and her husband

Marvin Sutton Former Arlington City Council District 3 and current candidate and his wife Raquel.

FWISD Super Coach Veronica McEwing


Greek organizations members from Beta Theta Pi and Chi Omega were on hand ready to assist and had been working very hard to make this night a reality for these amazing athletes.

The excitement was a lot more prevalent because of one thing these Athletes are all part of TCU’S Unified Club, a club for adults with IDD.

Founded in 2019, the Special Olympics Club at Texas Christian University is an on-campus club that works to promote inclusion by bringing together those with and without intellectual disabilities through the power of sports. TCU students and young adults from the Fort Worth community participate in sports and activities weekly to give individuals with disabilities the same opportunities as those around them. Our goal is helping individuals understand that a disability doesn’t define who you are, and that it’s far more important to see someone for their abilities. We strive to spread inclusion everywhere!

According to the federal agency, approximately 1.2 million adults in America have an intellectual disability and around 944,000 adults have other developmental disabilities. It is essential that we educate and spread information about how to appropriately deal with the IDD community.

Tonight’s game has helped bridge the gap by providing inclusivity by taking it a step further. FWISD’s Lynn stone Mcguff, TCU Club President Kyle Swanholm, Dalton Hill, Everett King and a host of administration in various schools teamed up to bring the Unified Champion School concept to other FWISD schools.

This Unified Game was a real live basketball game with our Unified athletes and partners under a big spotlight setting. Fans and TCU students were in attendance, with halftime activities and competitions.Parents, teachers, friends, family members, and students all gathered to cheer on these athletes on during their 4 – 8-minute quarters. The crowd roared, players danced after they made three-point shots, defense was amazing, offense was comparable to a regular playoff game. The partnership between with TCU athletics and TCU basketball helped put on this amazing event. Many of TCU’s student athletes were in attendance at the game, with some on the court coaching our Special Olympic athletes.

The reason for this 2nd annual Unified Game, to fundraise money for UCS schools around the Fort Worth community. Many of these elementary, middle, and high school Unified programs don’t get much funding for hosting club events. We want to raise money for these programs so they can fund events, apparel, and more for their athletes and partners. We would love to grow inclusion and spread the Unified Movement throughout the Fort Worth area.

Each of the 10 UCS schools in attendance needs a sponsor. We are seeking businesses in the area to sponsor $500, with all proceeds going towards assistance to our 10 UCS schools. Your help will make an incredible difference for our schools and will be used to increase UCS funds for events, apparels, athletes, and our partners.

Here is a list of the schools that we are donating to:

Burton Hill Elementary School

Diamond Hill Jarvis High School

Dunbar High School

McLean Middle School

M.H, Moore Elementary School

Seminary Hills Park Elementary School

Southwest High School

Westcliff Elementary School

Westpark Elementary School

South Hills High School


TCU Unified Club needs your help to bring this opportunity to all those with IDD in the Fort Worth area, please assist if you are able.


For more information about this event and sponsorships

please contact Kyle Swanholm at

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