In Fort Worth, last Friday evening Arlington Heights won the Bi-District Championship against Frisco Independence Knights. Saturday afternoon in Fort Worth, Texas Wesleyan won the game against Scotts and are now Sooner Athletic Champions (SAC). Also, on Saturday afternoon in Belton, Tx, 2021 National Football Champions, University of Mary Hardin Baylor defeated McMurry and won home field advantage and are now 2022 American Southwest Conference Champions (ASC).

By: Sylvia Rodriguez


These statistics can be repeated on and on because this is playoff season in Texas. Texas football is something bigger than you and I. Parents have lived or moved to a certain city just so their child can play on the same team as their father, or grandfather. Communities rally together and cheer the athletes, coaches, and teams on sometimes years after there is no affiliation.

I love football, I would have played in high school if they would have let me. I have been blessed with two boys that have played for years. I am able to live vicariously thru them.

Arlington Heights High School is the school in Fort Worth both my sons played at, all four years of high school. Under Coach Phil Young they both obtained more than just learning to play football. The coaching staff became the role models my sons needed. The decision making, memorization, and being able to mesh well on a team are all skills that are taught on the field. These skills also carry into the real world.

My son Isaac Rodriguez signed his letter of intent to play for University of Mary Hardin-Baylor during his senior year at Arlington Heights High School. He went thru his first year of college and gained the notoriety of being part of the 2021 National Championship Winning Football Team a feat that many cannot say they have accomplished.

My life has been surrounded by football. As like many other parents, friends, and family we will pile up in cars and attend a football game this weekend or several.

It is what we do in Texas.




Football by Sylvia Rodriguez

Saturday morning at 6 a.m.

Sitting in my hotel room with football on the brain.

An odd-shaped ball built for aerodynamics and accuracy.

This ball.

This ball in Texas means everything,

Last night was Friday.

Friday Night Lights.

Those words should run shivers down any self-respecting Texan’s spine.

Does not matter how big the town or team.

Friday nights mean you gather your family, friends and sometimes enemies to watch the game in freezing temperatures, with stale popcorn and semi warm hot cocoa.

There is something poetic about the game of football, the growth, and the commadarie of the players and fans.

The blood, sweat, and literal tears of grueling practices in 100° weather, injuries, and the competition

The work ethic football players have is more than most, they did not get forced into playing they signed up for it.

In the hearts of fans, friends, and family Friday Night Lights is a rite of passage and the time comes all too quickly when their last Friday comes around.

A football player will play their heart out.

Win, Lose or Draw it is Texas and this is Football.

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