The 2021 N.F.L draft is upon us, first three picks or so will be QBs. But that’s not important to us as Cowboy’s fanatics. After all we have our guy Dak locked up for the next several seasons.

Introducing Paul Torrez


The main need of course is- DEFENSE DEFENSE! Last season was a historic low for our Boys. We couldn’t stop anyone and made average QBs look like Hall of Famers. We can’t afford another season like that. Now with that being said, our fearless leader (J.J.) has fallen in love with Kyle Pitts, the first team All American from the University of Florida, and I don’t blame him. This young man is incredible at 6’6 and 240lbs, he will be a nightmare for any opposing team to game plan for. The truth is, we already have a dynamic QB with plenty of weapons to get the ball to, like the great Amari Cooper. 

 Now, he should be gone by the time the 10th pick comes up but if he is still available, even I, a known Jones hater will understand taking him. Now, let’s get back to DEFENSE! Dallas has so many needs on defense, but I will focus on players that should be available in the first round. Everyone is talking about Patrick Surtain II, Jayce Horn and Caleb Farley. All these corner backs have their strengths and weaknesses. Both Horn and Surtain have the pedigree for sure as both of their fathers were former N.F.L players. Farley is super athletic and has the potential to be a great player, the thing is, he has had some major back issues and has already had two surgeries in his young life. Now, does that stop Dallas from drafting him? The answer is no, just look at the Cowboys history drafting injury prone players; but they should pass on him in the first round.  Now, Horn and Surtain are close in size and just about everything else and are both great players. If they are available at ten, it is almost a coin flip.

What sways it towards Surtain II for me is a reunion with former teammate Trevon Diggs. Two guys from the University of Alabama who are used to winning and hate losing sounds like a recipe for success. So hopefully Kyle Pitts is gone by ten and we get Patrick “to be the man, you gotta beat the man”. Certain II! WOOOO!!

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