Sometimes it is hard to make sense of what is happening. Especially in the state of Texas. Congress passed a gigantic COVID Relief Bill. A lot of that money is coming to Texas. 

By Felix Alvarado




So, what is the Gov doing? Well, he is at the border with the DPS and the National Guard protecting the US border against, who? Republicans especially our own Ted Cruz is accusing the Biden Administration of having a wide-open border. COVID 19 is crossing the border in droves endangering the lives of millions of Texans. The Gov should be reminded of Trump’s campaign promise. “I am going to build a wall along our southern border. And Mexico is going to pay for it.” Remind Cruz also.

There is no wide-open border. The Gov is wasting his time and our money fixing an imaginary problem. That money could well be used in the economic recovery. At the border adults are sent back to where they came from and told to apply through legal channels. The children are abandoned at the border. The Biden Administration is working with Central American governments to pay for the expense of taking care of the children. And yes, about the drugs. Drugs is a supply and demand issue. If there was no demand, there would be no drug traffic.

Many Americans are going to receive a check for $1400. It will not make anyone rich. But it will help families and in turn the economy. As usual foul-mouthed Republicans are accusing the American people of sitting on their behind waiting for the government to save them. My question is this, “Who sends these idiots to Washington?” Every American is going to benefit from this Relief Bill. Including local Republicans that all voted against you receiving any help.

Trump and the TEA Party are a hazard to America. The only way to correct the hazard is at the ballot box. We start voting next month. Time for you to take control and start voting some of these people out. Abbott is more concerned about getting reelected that helping the people of Texas. By getting rid of the mask mandate and sending the National Guard to the border he is trying to keep Trump’s base on his side. Republicans are quick to accuse Democrats of being Socialist. Well, folks, The Republicans are acting the Stalin. 

There is a difference between Trump and Biden. Trump is a problem creator and Biden is a problem fixer. Who do you prefer to be your president?

The only hazard at the border is Abbott.

Time to bring him home. 


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