According to Acting Executive Officer for the Border Patrol in the Rio Grande Valley, the children know we will not deport them, so there is nothing to stop them from coming. The numbers are at a 20-year high with no signs of letting up. 

By A Govea

  Last week I wrote about the reasons the children are coming and we all, well most of us feel for them and their parents. Pero no country can physically keep up with the constant surge of 500 or more children showing up every day. Especially a brand-new administration that inherited an immigration system that had a sledgehammer taken to it by the previous administration. In the end, it may not end well for our country or those that seek refuge in the same. As of March 22nd, over 15,000 children were in immigration facilities. Normal practices have gone out the window. For example, recently there was 5,000 children in holding facilities for over two weeks meant for only a 72 hour stay. 

  Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said “…beyond the sheer numbers, an active pandemic, and the most recent frigid conditions have compounded the problem in Texas. Which has helped lead to the conditions at Donna Texas where they have set up a tent facility that has over 4,000 in a facility that was designed for 250. Temporary facilities have now opened in San Diego, Dallas, Midland and Fort Bliss, with plans for another facility in Dallas, a church site in Houston and Orange County, Florida. Clearly, we must develop a solution both for the short and long term.

  Enter our brand-new Vice President Kamala Harris, which President Biden has tapped to find a solution to a problem that has vexed several past administrations. Harris is aware there is no simple solution to this issue and realizes that the people making the long and dangerous trek are desperate to escape harm or worse. That is why a meeting is in the planning with Mexico and Central America leaders to come up with a plan that respects all countries involved. And while the plan is not detailed yet, we expect it to address safety and economic issues. 

  Meanwhile, Ted Cruz and his poor loser Republican buddies are trying to take full advantage of this humanitarian issue by staging photo ops at the border. I wish they would at least try to find a workable solution along with the Democrats after all this is an issue that should concern all of us. That is if we still care to be the shining example of democracy and hope.

Please check with Catholic Charities in your area for volunteer opportunities. 

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