If I said there were two America’s one sane and one insane. I think I would be correct. How else could the Republican Party allow a person with extremist political views to be a member of the party. That is insane.

Felix Alvarado



We had an election. Biden was the winner. It matters not whether he won by one vote or 6 million. He won. Some elections are so close that they are decided by the luck of the draw or flipping a coin. Most sports have a way to decide ties. The objective of any sport is to win. Politics is that way. You win, you are in, you lose you are out. This is something that Trump and his supporters cannot seem to understand. Trump got whooped. He is the loser. History will remember him as a loser. He will be remembered as more than a sore loser. Trump will be remembered as the tyrant that almost destroyed America. History will not be kind to him. 


There will be one word that accurately describes the Trump years: Lies. Lots of them. Trump used his lies to destroy the veracity of the American institutions. Trump set out to destroy the credibility of the news media, the FBI, any source that might attack him and label him as what he was a tyrant.


Republican Senators do not have to be concerned about finding him guilty. The final arbiter is going to be the American people. It will be decided at the ballot box. We find ballots are much more powerful than bullets. In the meantime, there are jail cells waiting for many of you. Enjoy your stay. No more Krispy Kream donuts and Starbucks coffee for you will. Your moment of glory had a high price.


History will not remember any of the insurrectionists. They will fade into oblivion. History will remember every word that Trump said for the past four years. They will be repeated billions of times in every government classroom. 


So, Trump people. Stop your whining, you lost, your hero got beat. Suck it up and get over it. I and many more like me do not want to hear your whining. We have a super bowl game to watch.


If you are already in a jail cell, maybe you will have a TV.



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