Lies. Lies. Lies.

America is undergoing a horrible crisis.  On the one hand we are being saturated by a pandemic, called the coronavirus.  This disease is highly contagious and is killing thousands of Americans.  There is no cure for this disease.  The only way to stop the migration of the disease for every one of us to stay at home.  This disease has devastated the US and the world economy.  There is no estimate as to how long it is going to take to bring this disease under control.  On the other hand, from news reports, this administration failed to act when they were notified that a deadly disease was approaching. When the virus did hit the administration was slow to react.  The result of this lack of response is thousands of Americans dead.  


This is a time where individual responsibility matters.  This is one time that we cannot let our guard down.  We must decide how much risk we want to take in order to rebuild our economy.  If we go to work prematurely, we risk of catching the virus and passing it on to our family.  I look at two numbers when I look at the progress of the virus on a daily basis.  I look at total infected and total that died.  


Undoubtably this is probably the most perilous time in American history.  If Americans need to know the truth about the pandemic.   At last count Trump had said more than 18,000 lies. Trump is not a reliable source for the truth.  The lies are just a simple distraction.   This is just a way to keep everyone lost and confused hoping that people forget the crisis we are in, so you don’t blame Trump for the disaster.  If you focus on the lies you will not have time to know the truth.  


Trump has a partner in the distribution of lies.  Fox News.  If you listen to Fox News you will hear lies. There is no count on how many lies Fox has passed on.  It is almost non-stop all day.  To Fox what the experts say are lies.  The numbers they present are lies.  Many, many, many.  Fox is there to support whatever Trump says.  According to Fox the virus is a Democrat, left wing lies, that there is no virus and people are not dying.  It is just Democratic, media attempt at winning the November election. Only Fox tells the truth.


Call it any way you want to; a lie is still a lie. Lies are so prevalent that you cannot keep up with them.  If you try to clarify a lie, several more pop up their ugly head.  The lies never stop.  It just goes on, blah, blah, blah.   Almost every member of this administration is adapted at telling lies. 


Trump has called on his army of backers to come out into the to protest.   The ugliest part is that the Liar in Chief and Fox are perpetrating these public protests. These protestors are organized by well-funded Republicans who want the economy reopened. They have nothing to do with reopening the economy, putting people back to work or public health.  Their primary interest is to reelect Trump.  People are expendable.


You see images of people carrying Nazi flags and images of the swastikas.  I ask myself, “Who are these people, where did they come from?” This is not like the Normandy Invasion.  In Normandy we had an enemy.  As I recall it was the Nazis that got their rear beat.  Same for those carrying the Rebel flag.  Johnny Reb got his behind beat too.  All this garbage about heritage is just that garbage.  These protestors are pawns in a big game called politics.  


Someone called the protestors the equivalent of Rosa Parks.  Rosa Parks and all the other civil rights protestors were demanding equal rights. Their protests were driven by a passion for freedom. Some did not have the right to vote.  Some of us remember those days.  They were not pleasant.  


These protestors believe that their civil rights are being taken away. I do not see protestors being hosed down by fire hydrants or being attacked by vicious dogs.  

They fail to realize that a coin has two sides.   I have civil rights too.  My civil rights are being trampled on.  I stay at home, not because the government tells me, but because I want to protect my family.   I want to be assured that when I step out, that I will have a minimum chance to catch the virus.  The coronavirus is real.  When you expose yourself to this deadly virus you pass it on to innocent people that are trying to protect themselves.  You are a danger to society.  


As far as the economy is concerned it will survive. It will rise from the ashes like the Phoenix.  Some businesses will come out of this stronger.  Some will not survive.  America will survive.  It will survive in spite of stupid comments like that of our own Lt. Gov.  “More important things than living.” I can think of nothing more important than living.  We can survive the coronavirus.  We will have a hard time surviving ignorant politicians.  


Elections are coming.  It is time for a change in leadership.  The fate of America in in our hands.


Stay Safe, Stay Healthy


Felix Alvarado 



New York City is the epicenter of the COVID19 virus with almost 16,000 deaths related to the virus

New York City is the epicenter of the COVID19 virus with almost 16,000 deaths related to the virus

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