This happens after the bread and wine is consecrated as an offering to God.

Joe M. Govea


This happens after the bread and wine is consecrated as an offering to God. Then by the power of the Holy Spirit the bread and wine become the Body and the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and where the Body is the Spirt is sure to be. So there on the Altar is the Lord’s presence. Pretty neat huh? It is there in a simple substance. It’s not a burning bush; it’s not a cloud of smoke and surely not a thunderous voice. It is bread and wine so meek but so powerful. It is the bread of life. It is a Holy substance it is the Eucharist, to be adored because it is now the Body of Christ as he wants us to see him. It is his new appearance. It is in a round shape the form of how a spirit would look like. (Oh you thought spirits have arms and legs, what for?). I believe spirits are similar to what an Orb looks like when captured and seen in photographs, just perfect round entities. 


The Eucharist is the center of our Catholics beliefs. You must believe that during Mass when the Priest raises the Eucharist up in the air as an offering to God it is truly the body of Christ. Yes we believe it is the presence of the Lord amongst us. 

Remember Jesus did say he will be with us until the end of time. Well there he is as the Eucharist. We will consume him, that is, we take him into our bodies, the temple of the spirit. So we must think of ourselves as temples. 

That temple has to be prepared to receive our Lord. That means you, the temple, must be in a state of grace or let’s just say the house has to be clean! By that I mean sin free. You get that way by having been forgiven of your sins. Here is the hard part and all Catholics know this part. You actually have to tell someone everything bad that you did. Yep you have to spend some time in the box telling the Priest about the weak moments when you broke some of the Ten Commandments. Plus, you have to be sorry you broke them. After that as long as you don’t commit any bigger sins you may consume the Lord’s Body every day if you desire. 

This means you are living right and without sin. If you get run over by a truck and die your spirit goes to a place where Jesus sends his follower for a later recall. You arrive there as a perfect round shaped spirit. You stay there while waiting for the eternal life he has promised us. That place is called heaven. I don’t know how big that place is but I am sure we will all fit in there, thus the round shape. He can fit more people in there, pretty smart huh? So don’t worry about getting in. You just have to be shaped round like Jesus. Remember you are what you eat and the Eucharist is round. If you got little horns protruding, you can’t get in. Nope, you won’t fit through that perfect round door.

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