The country entered the New Year thankful that the long national nightmare was over. The four dreadful years of Donald Trump were over. The new president, Joseph Biden, was to bring civility and stability that the country yearned for. The shadow of Trump was still looming in the background. Trump refused to concede and started his chant of voter fraud and rigged elections once again. Trump has succeeded in his brainwashing parade. A huge percentage of Trump followers believe that the election was stolen from his and that Biden is not a legitimate president. 

Felix Alvarado



Today is the 3d of January 2021. I am following the presidential election. Today there is an audio recording of Trump pressuring the Georgia Secretary of State into producing enough ballots to overturn the voting results for Georgia. We cannot ascertain if this is legal or not. The Department of Justice works for Trump and they are unlikely to do anything since they need a buy in from the Attorney General and hard to tell if he has the authority to start an investigation as to the impropriety of Trump’s actions.


His lying streak continues, claiming the CDC is not reporting good figures for the coronavirus. In the meantime, our glorious Senator Cruz from Texas is adding fuel to the fire by leading a rogue crew of Republicans that are attempting a coup by refusing to accept the results of states that Trump lost that caused him to get beat. Losing may not be something that Trump is used to. 


January 4 today. Trump’s recorded conversation with the Georgia Secretary of State is out. Someone recorded a conversation between Trump and the Secretary. Trump asks the secretary to produce enough votes for him to win the state. In my opinion, this is an impeachable offense and illegal. There is no doubt that Trump and his rogue Republicans are staging a coup. Our own favorite senator, Ted Cruz is leading the pack. He has violated the Sedition Act and should be removed from office as a traitor.



This coup takeover has been in the making for years. For many years’ ultraconservative talking heads have called for a conservative control of the US government. They called for appointment of conservative judges at every level. Conservatives do not have a political agenda. They get chosen on abortion, immigration, guns, socialism, defund police. or any emotional issue that pops up on the radar screen.


January 5


Today is election day in Goergia. Lot riding on the outcome. Trump is trying to get Pence to declare him the winner. Trump’s selling point is that Pence has the constitutional authority to invalidate an election. We will see what happens tomorrow.


January 6


The democrats won one of the two seats in the US Senate. The other one looks like it too will go to a democrat. That gives the Democratic Party control of the senate. The legislative dynamic changes. Biden inherits the power that Trump still thinks he has. 


Our esteemed Senator Cruz and his rogue Republicans want to invalidate the outcome of several states. Whatever the reason they claim, the Supreme Court has already ruled that they do not have standing. Declaring Biden, the winner today is just a ceremonial event. Fifty states have already certified their election results. Thousands of people have taken part in this certification. For Cruz to declare massive voter fraud and try to overrule the constitution is a treasonous act. Cruz and all his rogue Republicans took an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. That is the oath they are violating. It will be up to the Biden Administration to decide whether to prosecute or not. Cruz introduced a motion to put off the reading of the results.


Today, Trumps is supposed to attend a rally protesting his election loss. Or rather, the stealing of his election. According to news reports Republican politicians asked the crowd what they are willing to do to change the outcome of the election. The rally turned into an insurrection. Trump was asked to intervene to stop the violence. He only accentuated the problem. 


January 7


Today is like recovering in the morning from a bad night at the bar. Today we must make sense of what happened yesterday. Yesterday was an attempt to overthrow the legitimate government of the United States of America. The perpetrators were Trump and a rogue group of Republican members of Congress. This is an email that I will be sending out.


Mr. Cruz. You need to resign your position as a member of Congress. You and the Tea Party and all rogue members of congress that took part in the attempted overthrow of the legitimate government of the United States need to be charged with “attempting to overthrow the legitimate government of the United States” under the Sedition Act. I hope that you and all your rogue friends can see that all of you took part in a grave attack on American democracy. Henceforth, all of you will be remembered as traitors.


We will see what happens today. We still have 13 days to go. It does not appear as if Trump is ready to stop his attack on the electoral system. Keep in mind that Trump has for months refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power.


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