Sometimes you hear something so many times that after a while you get sick to your stomach hearing the same thing over and over again. There was a Conservative Political Action Conference over the weekend. Honestly, I did not have the stomach to see on live TV. The main attraction was of course the Big Liar.

By Felix Alvarado


Lessor Republicans attended and basically, the whole show was about one thing. Reaffirming that the election had been stolen from the Big Liar. Can you imagine that people went to Florida from everywhere in the country just to hear that the lie is alive. A republican senator had the stupidity to admit that he had tried to overturn the election. Today being the 4th of January there was supposed to be an uprising by Trump followers in Washington DC. The Big Liar was to be installed as the legitimate president of the US. Incredible how far stupidity can go. 



I heard an interview with the FBI director. He assures everyone that all the people involved in the death and destruction on January 6, will be brought to trial. These people came from all over America to stop the country from becoming a Socialist Communist state. They were on a mission. We would call these folks “little fish”. All these little fish are going to sing. Especially after they realize that the charges against them go with a jail penalty. These folks never in their rabid mind thought that they would be facing jail. The little fish are going to lead to “big fish.” We can ask a logical question, who is going to be the first “Big Fish” to be indicted for the resurrection of the 6th of January? The old saying goes, “Where there is smoke there is a fire.” As used to be chanted in Trump’s rallies, “Lock em up.” How appropriate.


At the local level we have a governor that is pleasing a small but very vocal group that likes to believe that they control Texas. They may control the governor, but they sure do not control Texas. Slowly the Republicans are losing control. They are trying to prevent the inevitable by enacting laws that limit your voting options. That is the Republican game plan. Our game plan is to go vote wherever the voting machines are at. We cannot be intimidated by a group of hoodlums that believe they can control us by carrying guns, they control. I repeat what somebody else said, “Ignore Abbott. “Wear your mask. 


Republicans are still pushing lies. I do not believe they will get very far with the American people pushing lies. We are ready to move on to better days.

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