I know we may have already watched and re-watched everything, but here are three films that you may have forgotten about!


Knocked Up 2007 – Hulu

If you liked Superbad or Freaks and Geeks by Jud Apatow, then you will Definity love Knocked Up. In fact, some may call this movie a reunion for the Freaks and Geeks cast as Seth Rogan Stars in the film alongside Jason Segal, Martin Star, and even James Franco makes a funny cameo appearance. The cast also includes other funny people like Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd, Jay Baruchel, and Harold Ramis. When this movie first premiered in 2007, it gained a lot of attention for including a wildly graphic birthing scene (Kathrine Heigl). Still, despite critics saying Apatow had gone too far, the movie quickly becomes one of his classics.  

            Knocked up follows Ben Stone’s (Seth Rogan) journey as he becomes a new dad unexpectedly after a one-night stand. He wasn’t mentally or financially prepared for the pregnancy, but he is ready to be committed to Allison Scott (Kathrine Heigl) and begin his family. But do not be fooled by the romantic storyline as I believe this movie is just a hilarious parody of our boring everyday lives. If you never gave this movie a try, then I say watch it, and if you forgot about this one, I say watch it again!


Employee of the Month 2006 – Netflix 

I used to look back at the Dane Cook era with repugnance, but after re-watching this movie, I was reminded of a simpler time. Dane Cook was our favorite joke thief and Employee of the Month was one of his funniest bits. To add to the nostalgia, Jessica Simpson plays Dane Cook’s love interest. And honestly, it wouldn’t be a 2006 Esq comedy flick without Dax Shepard and his wingman played by Efren Ramirez (Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite). The cast also includes Andy Dick, Harold Williams ( Half Baked), and Sean Whalen. Employee of the Month is not necessarily a work of genius, but it was ripe for the time and is still hilarious 14 years later. 

            Zach Bradly (Dane Cook) is the underdog Box boy at Club Super who doesn’t take his job seriously until Amy(Jessica Simpson) transfers to his store as the new cashier. Zach realizes he can’t do the bare minimum if he ever wants Amy to sleep with him. He is quick to try and change his ways. So Zach sets his sights on becoming Employee of the Month. But not without the help of his misfit co- workers. Unfortunately, Vince ( Dax Shepard) and his box boy (Efren Ramirez) do everything they can to help him fail. 

This is definitely worth a re-watch. 



Drowning Mona 2000- Amazon Prime Video

I truly did save the best for last. Drowning Mona was vastly underrated and years ahead of its time. The diverse cast alone makes this the perfect murder mystery. Starring Bet Middler, Danny Davito, Casey Affleck, and even scream queens Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween) and Neve Campell (Scream). The cast also includes Will Ferrel, Melissa McCarthy, Musician Kathleen Wilhoite, and William Fichtner. Set in the small town of Ketplank, New York, an unexpected death unravels the sleepy community. The town bully Mona Dearly (Bet Midler) is found dead when her car drives off a cliff, but what looks like an accident is quickly discovered as murder. Chief Wyatt Rash (Danny Davito) realizes the entire town hated Mona but is insistent on finding the person or persons’ who committed the heinous crime. The Chief starts to learn everyone’s a suspect, including his daughter’s (Neve Campbell) fiancé Bobby Calzone (Casey Affleck). But it is not easy to narrow down the list of suspects when Mona verbally or violently assaulted almost everyone she came in contact with. Drowning Mona is an obscurely funny mystery movie, but it is also heartwarming and is perfect for watching with the family (with some adult supervision, of course).        

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