We Name Our Kids for Things We Want

Cristela Alonzo

On the new Netflix comedy special Cristela says “I grew up in the hood and sometimes (Paraphrasing) we name our kids for things we want like Mercedes, Paid water bill, wheres’ cable has anybody seen cable”

Cristela makes fun of her upbringing in San Juan Texas from childhood to college and there is something there for all of us to relate to. The special begins with her driving to the show with none other then Dolores Huerta riding shotgun. And in a visual version of name drop you have Julian Castro introduce at event. This combination made me curious, so I want to see Porque (Why)

You see as funny as Cristela is she also has a social conscience that has led her to activism for Raza cases. She credits the legendary Dolores Huerta and poet Sonia Salez as her mentors for this. And is for Julian Castro she volunteered to work in his 2016 presidential run. That said if politics gives you tired head or makes you roll your eyes, don’t’ worry her show is not about that.

Pero (But) she does touch on COVID E a lot more that had me laughing from start to finish. So, if you want a laugh with a Mexican flavor this is for you.

The Gordita Chronicles

Want more laughs check the G. C. on HBO Max which just premiered on June the 23rd. The show focuses on the family of Victor Castelli (Juan Javier Caredenas) as the father that immigrates to Miami from the Dominican Republic. The timeline is sometime the 80s when the family arrives full of hope and ready to achieve the American Dream. The cast consists of the mom Adela (Diana Maria Riva) and two daughters Emilia (Savannah Nicole Ruiz) and the star of the show the younger sister Cucu “Gordita Castelli” played by Olive Goncalves.

The family soon discovers that what they imagined life would be in America is not the reality at least not now. Whether it is the father who is a marketing executive repeatedly being addressed by his boss with name of the janitor. And the girls in school realize that maybe not all the kids like them and the word “Gordita” is not a term of endearment in this new setting. This show is well done and for the most part is safe audiences.

Finally, the Raza responsible for this show does not end with the actors Tambain (Also) you have Eva Longoria and Zoe Saldana as Executive Producers.


Father of the Bride

Yes, that one but this time with a Latino twist starring Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan. If you liked the others, you’ll like this one with a Cuban and Mexican twist.

The Lincoln Lawyer

Now if you need a break from laughing but not had enough of Raza in lead roles. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo stars as Mickey Haller a Los Angeles lawyer with Mexican roots. Mickey takes all cases large and small but has a big one that he inherited from an associate that series revolves around. The Drama series is on Netflix and runs 10 episodes that keep you engaged through all episodes. This one is not for the whole family, recommended for mature audiences. But if you like crime dramas this one is a good plus has a Raza in the starring role.                                            

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