We know it’s not the defense, they may give up some big plays but do more than enough to give this team a chance to win. Led by the lion Micha Parsons, they continue to improve and learn from their mistakes. On special teams, punter Bryan Anger is headed to the Pro Bowl.

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You know who is not going to the Pro Bowl? Greg “no leg” Zuerlein; he is getting worse every week, missing extra points and field goals and if that’s not bad enough, he has cost his team penalty yards on kickoffs. I don’t get the infatuation with him; any other team would have cut him weeks ago. He can’t be trusted and will continue to cost Dallas games, and, in the playoffs, there is no next week!

Now, the two main problems are the coaching and offense. Dallas has so much money tied up in a running back, wide receiver, and the main guy the QB. The supposedly unstoppable offense has been reduced to screens and trick plays and has no identity at all. Receivers are dropping passes and a lot of the time the passes are thrown in a way only Stretch Armstrong could catch.

Opposing teams are dictating how the offense is run and that tells me the coaches have no real game plan. They need to get back to basics, RUN THE BALL! And I don’t mean just right up the middle; I’m talking draws, sweeps and designed QB runs. Dak looks lost and seems to have zero confidence; is the zero confidence in his coaches, teammates, or himself? Only he knows the answer but one thing I know is that time is running out because the playoffs start next week, and it would be a wasted season to go one and done in the tournament.

This week Dallas was hit again with another covid outbreak, and those players, God willing, will be back for the playoffs. For the most part, all the top players are back from injuries and are ready to go, so, there are no excuses. Dallas ends the regular season this Saturday against the Eagles in what has turned into a glorified pre-season game. With both teams reeling from covid there is not much chance to improve playoff seating so don’t look for starters to see much action. As a long time suffering Cowboys faithful, I’m praying this offense finds their identity.

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