Thank God we live in a rational world. Otherwise, we would probably all be nuts. Think about it, recently a federal judge basically ruled that the right-wing media was the enemy of the people and Fox News was the friend of the people. That is so ridiculous. This is a guy that makes legal decisions that affect people. Why is he entangling himself on something that is clearly not his business? What the heck is he doing in that position?

Felix Alvarado



I ask myself, how can so many people tell so many lies? Look at Fox News and all right-wing outlets. Lies sell products. Why would a true capitalist stop selling a product that brings in money? The question now becomes, does the truth matter? Apparently not. So, if there is a problem here, it is not those that sell the product by those that buy it. Hugo Chavez is always my poster boy. Chavez came to power because he convinced a lot of poor people to vote for him. There are a lot poorer people than rich people. 


Photo By Lorianne DiSabato Taken on June 20, 2015 “End white supremacy”

Photo By Lorianne DiSabato Taken on June 20, 2015 “End white supremacy”

In America we have White Supremacists. These folks really believe their history books that Whites built America. From an incredibly early age, children are taught the lies about American History. They have both errors of omission and errors of commission. Students are not taught about Bernardo de Galvez and his contribution to the American Revolution. 


White Supremacist hobble along waiting for the resuscitation of White Power. That age never existed. Nor will it ever. We must be cautious. Just like Chavez came into power in Venezuela someone can do the same thing that Chavez did. Certainly, Trump is doing his best to become the Chavez of America. He is trying to have his favorite candidates elected. If the Republican took over control of all three branches of government that could happen. There is only one way to stop this. Vote.


With so many lies running around we must be mindful of events. Take for instance the Republican Party. True Republicans are being ousted because they do not support Trump. The right-wing is challenging our rationality. A large portion of the public falls for the lies. There is a path the Republican is following. That way is to a dictatorship.


Which way do you want to go?

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