By A. Govea  

White Racism

When you think about racism and discrimination, it’s usually White folks doing it to non-White folks. Pero now, some White folks are saying “Democrats are discriminating against us Whites”.  

This according to a report published on The Axios Report and confirmed by NBC News. They are saying that in some way that escapes me democrats are finding ways to discriminate against White people. Now I know that recently states, including Texas have done away with affirmative action policies that are meant to help minorities catch up (Never happen).  

 In school, they {Some Republicans] have advocated for doing away or reimagining U.S. history, like slavery and other forms of oppression. The reasoning for that is that they fear, it may hurt the feelings of White students. And I almost understand that cause when we studied Texas history in grade school, the Alamo part was uncomfortable for me. That is because the teachers and other people of authority would always reference the Mexican army as savages. And me being of Mexican descent always felt the teachers and White students looking at me. As if maybe, I was to blame or at least knew someone that was. 

Pero, (but) I knew then, as I know now history is history and in most cases the winner in any conflict gets to tell the story. Now it may not be entirely accurate, but it has been acceptable at least up until now.  However, I guess that has changed. As for doing away with any affirmative action programs. Whether at universities, government agencies or anywhere else, that has also been outlawed in many states. This is because it might rob a deserving White person a job or a college slot. 

The MAGA folk say enough is enough! “What about me”! Do they fear that minorities may be catching up to them (Never happen in my lifetime) or what? Now, as for the Democrats discriminating against White people, I cannot figure that out. I have several questions about this claim like, is just minority Democrats doing the discriminating? Or is it White on White discrimination? And how does that work in a way we can all see without the MAGA glasses? 

Do they forbid them from participating in Taco Tuesday or Cinco de Mayo Celebrations? Also, can they not acknowledge any month recognized as Black history or Hispanic Hertiage Month? Again, I don’t get it because I have never seen a “No Whites Allowed Signs” anywhere. Unless they are in other states outside of Texas. Don’t get me wrong if in fact there is discrimination against Whites or anybody else it is wrong.

Pero after extensive study (time it took me to write article) I do not buy the claims of White discrimination. I call Bu***, Pero. As always, I am interested in what you think. Contact me at with your thoughts. And if you do, I promise to share your thoughts with our readers. 

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