Just a few months ago Cowboys nation was divided on to pay Dak or let him walk. Now fast forward to present day, and now we can’t see a way to beat the Vikings without him let alone make a deep run in the playoffs.


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Are you feeling good about Cooper Rush starting Sunday night? I didn’t think so. All I have been hearing out of the Star leads me to believe number 4 will not be playing this week. I’m with the camp, let him take another week off and nip this in the bud before it gets worse. After all this is Cooper’s fourth season in the league and he should at least be able to make this offense look somewhat like it has all season. All the network talking heads have lambasted the Cowboys for not having a better QB in place.

Let me remind them that last season we had a good back up in Andy Dalton and still ended up in a losing season. I just must believe the coaches and ownership will not rush Dak back and if he does play, it’s because the strained calf is good to go. Now, I have been saying there is something different about this team. There have been so many times we have seen players do dumb things on and off the field and with zero consequence. Take La’el Collins for example, he was suspended for two games and after an appeal and some other bad moves he ended up being suspended for five games.

During this time Terence Steel has played beyond expectations and may have taking Collins’s job for good. In the past players would be welcomed back with open arms and given their job back. Looks like those days are over and hopefully for good. The Vikings are a good team and both head coaches are very familiar with one another.  I want the Cowboys to win, just not at the expense of loosing Dak for an extended period. So, let’s not be so focused on the battle when we want to win the war.

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