It’s only week 2 and Cowboys might be in a must win situation. Maybe that’s a little too much, but with the rest of the N.F.C. East looking good so far, every game matters.

Paul T.

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The injury bug is back in a big way. Defensive line and Offensive line have really been hit hard; heck even D-line coach Leon Lett was carted off the practice field. But come on man, no more excuses! This team needs to learn how to win like every other team when they are not at full power. The Chargers are a much better team than their record showed last season. Their O-line kept maybe the best D-line Washington in the league in check last week. God knows our D-line is not even in the conversation. All that said, Dallas has the fire power on offense to get a lead and Zeke needs to play a bigger role so just feed the man already. They also have a wonderful Q-B in last seasons rookie of the year Justin Herbert. Chargers’ wide receivers are already saying the Bucs receivers looked to have an easy time last week. We can only hope that fires up our Boys. I know it makes me mad! It’s easy for me anyway to have trust in Dak; it’s just our coaches I don’t trust, and yes, I’m sounding like a broken record but man the coaches make my blood pressure shoot up! Even with all that, I’m still picking Dallas in a close one! GO COWBOYS!!


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