William Bonilla

After years of being ignored by Hollywood, we Latinos, will have our moment to shine! And Disney is ready to satisfy this market!

By William Bonilla

In just the last couple of years, Disney has launched two animated movies that represent the rich and diverse culture of the Latino community, Coco and Encanto. Disney-Pixar broke box office records with Coco in Mexico. The lead song “No hablamos de Bruno” from Encanto outperformed Frozen’s “Let it go” chart record and streams by a significant amount.

Finally, we will see Disney’s Marvel studios prepare to bring us our first franchise of superhero’s based on Latino culture.

The first Latino superhero will be about Namor the Sub-Mariner or Namor el submarino in Spanish.

 Namor the Sub-Mariner is an original Marvel persona based on Atlantis mythology. His powers are connected to the ocean. He is the direct competitor to the more known Aquaman that belongs to Marvels’ rival, DC Comics.

It is said that Namor the Sub-Mariner will be making his debut in the long- awaited Black Panther’s sequel “Wakanda Forever”. After his debut, he will spin-off to have his own franchise that will give the Latino community their very own fictional world and superhero. Just like Black Panther gave the afro-descendant community their own superhero and fictional world.

You may be asking yourself; how does this represent the Latino community? Well, Marvel announced Tenoch Huerta, a Mexican actor better known for his work on Narcos: Mexico by Netflix, will bring Namor the sub-mariner to life.

It is rumored that the Atlantean mythology will be reinvented as a fusion with the Aztec culture. This is an incredible idea as the Aztecs are known for their amazing utility of Lake Texcoco as a means of transportation, agriculture, architecture, and protection. Tenochtitlan was founded on top of the lake, which is current day Mexico City. This idea can also serve as a massive introduction to the Aztec culture that will include their gods, mystic beings, and religion. We may even see legendary warriors defending their territory against the colonizer forces, in which the warriors will utilize their mystic knowledge to retreat to the ocean and build Atlantis.  

 The possibilities are infinite!

Are you ready to break records when the movie premiers?

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