Hearing the impeachment hearings has been rough.


“From the beginning he was running to the White House with rumors of what he had heard.”


.  There is a punch and a counterpunch, I mean round and round.  From the hearing, I am firmly convinced that the charge against Trump that he tried to influence the outcome of the 2020 election is real.  Of course, the Republicans continue to deny that Trump did anything wrong, that everything that he did was within his presidential power.  The Republicans walked into the hearings with a playbook and they kept it close to their chest.  They executed their plays to perfection.  The end was always the same, how could anyone accuse this innocent man of any wrongdoing?

The accusations always the same, the Democrats are trying to steal an election.  They have no facts with which to impeach this innocent man who is the most perfect president that we have ever had.  The accolades were endless.  As if he had never told a lie in his life.  That all the women that have accused him of improper advances, they are liars too.  Only one person is dignified enough to tell the truth, Trump.

Then there is Nunes.  


From the beginning he was running to the White House with rumors of what he had heard.  He gave Trump the heads up so Trump could fabricate his tweeter attacks.  

It took a lot of courage for the witnesses to testify.  Even more when they have Trump accusing them of something every day.  There is also a matter of death threats supposed of which there have been many.  Perhaps that is a sign of things to come.  

It appears as though Trump is going to be impeached.  Then it is the senateís turn.  If the Republicans continue their antics, the American people must take control.  2020 would be a pivotal year.  Time to vote some people out of office.

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