We have written about Trump a lot. It is not that we hate Trump; emotion has nothing to do with what we write. It is just that Trump gives everyone so much to write about. 

By Felix Alvarado


Being objective, what can you write about Biden? If there were anything, negative Trump would have found it already. Trump would love that. A problem that Trump has is that as many names as he has called Biden, nothing sticks. Hard to write about a person that has few flaws. We can feel sympathy towards Biden for the tragic loss of his family. We can say he is a good man. He is very dignified. He is a good Christian. He has a lot more experience in government than Trump. We can say many good things about Biden. 

Photo by: Joe Piette

Photo by: Joe Piette

 So, this not a negative article about Trump. This is about America. I am one of those that has kept current with global affairs. I also know the constitution. This election is about the constitution. Trump succeeds in creating doubt on the legitimacy of the election returns; the case goes to the Supreme Court. Six conservative judges would overturn the election. The election then goes to the house to decide the winner. You may have heard Trump and others say the numbers 26, 24.  They add up to 50. If This is the number of states. Each state has one vote. The number is decided by the number of Democrat and Republican governors. There are 26 Republican and 24 Democrat governors. Trump wins.

 Our two Texas senators are part of the Republican caravan that is taking America to a dictatorship. All Republican House representatives are on board. They care more about their allegiance to Trump than the oath of office they took. There is only one way to control this insanity. Vote. In BIG numbers.

 If you watched the debate, you can clearly see that the debate was a debacle. The most ominous issue that came out of the debate and Trump rallies is his call for poll watchers. His is not really a call for poll watchers because poll watchers need to be vetted by election officials. The poll watchers that is talking about are hoodlums that come to intimidate and harass voters. This has already happened. Fear of Trump causes elections officials to react with fear and allow the hoodlums to protest out of the forbidden voting area. Even at the local area, there is a fear of Trump.

 The debate was carried around the world. I cannot say that what Biden called Trump was right or all the incessant attacks by Trump on Biden. I cannot condone this type of behavior from Children. But Trump has taunted Biden long enough. Eventually, the stage had to be set for a frontal attack on Trump. That was last night. Trump got what he deserved. Old Sayings, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.;” “Paybacks are H…;” all is fair in love and war (politics). America is the laughingstock of the world. 


It was Trump’s refusal to condemn White Supremacists that frightens many Americans, or at least me, the most. The stage is set if Trump loses the election on Nov 3. Without a cue, his backers will hit the streets in protest of a rigged the election. We hope this does not happen, but we should be prepared. 

 Local Republicans think that their actions are to preserve the US. This article is not about Trump. Nor is it about Biden. This article is about you and your vote. You hold the future of America in Your hands. You can participate, or you can be an observer. It is your choice.

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