French Fries, Baked Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Potato Soup, Cheese Tots, the list of delicious potato dishes is endless. Potatoes are easily one of American’s favorite junk foods. According to Web MD, each American eats at least 49.2 pounds of potatoes a year. But because of the unhealthy way potatoes are usually prepared, what is supposed to be a healthy snack has become an unhealthy food. 

By Carla Espinoza

Potatoes on their own have many different health benefits. They are a great source of folate, calcium, magnesium and contain more potassium than bananas. Just one unskinned potato contains about half of the Vitamin B6 needed in one day. But what could the benefits of eating nothing but potatoes for 14 consecutive days?

            Al Govea from the Out Seers on YOUTUBE wanted to try the challenge for himself and with his nephew’s wedding fast- approaching it was the perfect time to try a new diet trend. Along with cutting out all food but potatoes, he also gave up any sugary drinks and alcohol for 14 days. 

            Even though Al had some cravings initially, he realized his energy and mood was greatly improved. As each day passed, he felt lighter and healthier. Could eating potatoes every day really be the reason. Watch his video diary to learn how he prepared his potatoes and to find out how many pounds he lost in just one week!

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