Last week I wrote about the Boys winning their first three games against teams that stunk. But, hey you must win those games too, and to their credit they did. Pero, I also wrote New Orleans would be their first real test of a contender this season. Well, we all know what happened- they froze. They forgot all the stuff they had done on offense that made them a top-rated offense this year. 


“Still, how does this high-powered offense with arguable the best O line in the NFL only manage 10 points?”

The new Boy Wonder Kellen Moore AKA the offensive coordinator decided not to worry about throwing the ball to a half dozen receivers as has been the case this season. No, instead let’s stick to our running game, working or not – it was not! And, that running game consisted of Zeke running for a whooping 35 yards on 18 carries. On passing, Dak went for 22 of 33 for 223 yards and seemed not quite right, like something was missing and he couldn’t figure out what. Maybe he missed Gallup. Maybe he was surprised that Cooper was very unlike Cooper against the Saints. And, of course it didn’t’ help that Witten (Witten!) had a costly fumble. Zeke also lost one that really could have gone either way. Still, how does this high-powered offense with arguable the best O line in the NFL only manage 10 points?

  Of course, the Saints were at home and as I wrote last week, they are a team on a mission. And, they will not let one person (Brees) stop them. Bridgewater did what he needed to do to manage the game and not make costly mistakes to win this one. And again, as I wrote last week their runner (Kamara) is a force and he came up big at the end to help clinch this one. Not to mention – their defense dominated the line and the linebackers that held Cooper and Company in check most of the night. And, talking about defense- the Cowboys played as best they could. When you hold a playoff team to 12 points and no TDS you should expect to win.


  Many are saying that D. Lawrence is not really doing much this season. Well, against the Saints he had a sack and a tackle for a loss. Pero, his value is just not what he does personally- it also the double teams he draws that creates opportunities for Robert Quinn and Company. How about Jaylon and the Wolf? Sean Lee is also showing up in a somewhat limited role.  Jaylon Smith’s sack at the end of the game created an opportunity for the offense to pull out this game. Pero, no it was not to be. I hate to bring up an old refrain. Pero, I think again this team was outcoached. Payton, the Saints coach made the Boys play his game in his house. I wrote last week that the Boys would win this one by 7, based on the coaching I saw in the first three weeks which was not would I saw against the Saints. 

Now they got Green Bay coming to town, fresh off a loss to the hated Eagles. They need a win and the home team does too. And, we all know that Aaron Rodgers is known for his last-minute comebacks so the Cowboys must dominate this game from start to finish. If this team is special, they have to prove it on Sunday, still think they can, but well’ see at 3.25pm Sunday.


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