The end of the civil war the south was devastated. Some southern rebels were so bitter about the Union victory that they dispersed as far away as Brazil.

Story By Felix Alvarado

Other less fortunate rebels that could not afford the trip to another country had to settle for a shorter trip. North Texas where land was plentiful and practically free was the ideal place for bitter southerners to start a new life. In Brazil today there are remnants of the southern rebel presence still visible. The South still lives. At least in Brazil. In Texas we have countless monuments commemorating the rebel defeat.We have heard the argument that the monuments are part of history and someone’s heritage. 


Photo By Mark Arthur, Dallas Texas 2007

Photo By Mark Arthur, Dallas Texas 2007

Historians sometimes make errors of omission. Historians had no problem labeling Benedict Arnold a traitor. The confederates were in fact traitors. As traitors the leaders would have been tried as enemies of the state and hung. The unlucky participants would have been declared persona non grata and would have lost their American citizenship. This did not happen thanks to the magnanimous kindness of the winning side.


The monuments were installed as a symbol of White power and White supremacy. Freed slaves would have a constant reminder of the supremacy of the White race. Those claiming that the monuments represent their heritage should be able to prove genealogically that they are descended from (great) grandparents from a particular southern state and which battles their predecessor took part in. It would be ludicrous for me to claim that the American Revolution was a part of my heritage if no one in my family took part in it. It is not a part of my heritage, but as an American it is part of my history. 


Those counter-protestors, armed with rifles and handguns, flashing confederate flags, swastikas and Trump signs and flags, might as well wear KKK garb. These folks are not thee to preserve history or heritage. They are there as a symbol of White Power and White Supremacy. The weapons they carry are scare tactics and a symbol of White Supremacy. Sometimes racism is easy to spot. 

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