November was not kind to the Cowboys. Started with a drubbing by the Broncos and ended with an embarrassment on Thanksgiving. Against the Raiders I got some major flash backs from last season; you know, play terrible for three quarters then play hero ball in the fourth.


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Now, go back further to the 2019 season, Dallas starts out hot winning three straight while being praised by fans and media. Like this season, they pummeled sorry teams and were bullied by good teams. So, is this a case of “the more things change the more they stay the same”?

Hey, I know Dallas is missing key starters like Cooper, Lamb and Gregory to name a few. By the way, does everyone still think Dallas should trade Cooper? I didn’t think so. Every team in the N.F.L is missing key players so no excuses. One disturbing trend is the erratic play of Dak. I’m a believer and supporter of Dak but this trend can’t continue. He is getting no help from the offensive line or his receivers too many dropped passes and has been sacked too many times. This must change. Defense has been more consistent this month and their arrow seems to still be pointed up. I know they didn’t look great against the Raiders but let’s face it, the refs didn’t help, how can you look back at the ball when you are in a front face lock?

Every week we have to bring up the play of the Demolition Man Micah Parsons, forget rookie of the year and the heck with defensive player of the year, I’m talking MVP! He has been consistently great and not just in November but all season. Now getting back to the Thanksgiving game, the Raiders came in a beaten team on and off the field. But as this seems to always happen, they got healthy against Dallas. They couldn’t be stopped and their defense made our number one offense look pathetic.

After the game Dak talked about fans getting off the bandwagon. Well sir, I have never been on the bandwagon. I am a true lifelong fan and me and my dad have seen it all; from the catch in San Francisco to the catch no catch in Green Bay. We have the right to expect more from this team, we spend countless hours watching the games and just taking about them and spending money on the gear and collectibles. If we were just bandwagon fans, we would not be so emotional over wins and losses. Let’s see what happens in December; hopefully they will make us forget all about this disappointing November.

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