The Nightmare Is Almost Over.



This is such a joyous time of year. A time where family is closer together, friendships are blossoming and of course; all the Christmas Parties we can handle. But, amongst all the holiday cheer, and hustle n bustle the holidays bring, there is an exhausted, scared and determined college student huddled in their dorm room, just trying to survive ‘Finals Week’. If you don’t know, finals week is when the semester is coming to an end and all the professors create a test that is based on the material you might have learned during the semester. This is done all in one week. Now, while ‘Finals Week’ can put a real damper on the holiday spirit, it does not have to be all “doom and gloom”. There are plenty of enjoyable and relaxing things you can do to combat the stress of finals exams. Here are three simple examples. 

            First, it is important to keep a healthy diet. It may seem like fast food is a quick fix when you are feeling rushed but in the long run, all the sugars will bog you down. According to Tufts University in Massachusetts, Blueberries may delay or improve short term memory loss. So maybe those pesky definitions or dates won’t be as difficult to remember.  Another great solution to the “finals week blues” is kind of boring but extremely helpful. Making a set schedule for your study time will cut down on the all- nighters, and give you time to yourself to do things more calming, like taking a walk or watching your favorite movie or television show. Making sure you make time for yourself will insure you are not overwhelmed during testing.

            Lastly, although it may seem like failing these tests will be the “end of the world”; it is not. It is always good to have a healthy fear of failing but letting that fear consume you will only distract you from the task at hand. So, remember to eat right, use your time wisely and don’t be afraid to fail, these tips may not be lifesaving but they might just save your sanity! Good luck to all test takers. 


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