It’s time to kick off summer with a bang. With exciting summer events like baseball, sunbathing and barbecues filling social calendars, comes a whole new array of fresh, sunny day snacks just waiting to be devoured.

If you’re in the mood for something sweet with a hint of spice, try this Citrus, Mango and Pineapple Salsa. It features fresh, fruity flavors from the pineapple, mango, lemon and lime plus a surprising bite of jalapeno. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and zesty.

This light, warm weather appetizer  is perfect for pool parties or dining al fresco. A fresh twist on traditional salsa, this recipe will have people lining up for a second scoop to help beat the heat.

Enjoy it with tortilla chips or as a topping on your favorite tacos to add a little sweetness to a traditionally savory meal.

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Citrus, Mango and Pineapple Salsa

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  • 1 1/4 cup fresh pineapple, diced

  • 1 1/4 cup fresh mango, diced

  • 2       tomatoes

  • 1/2    red onion, diced

  • 1       jalapeno, finely chopped

  • 1       tablespoon coriander

  • 2       tablespoons lime juice

  • 1       tablespoon lemon juice

  •          sea salt, to taste

  •          fresh cracked pepper, to taste

  •          tortilla chips, for serving


In large bowl, combine pineapple, mango, tomato, onion, jalapeno, coriander, lime juice, lemon juice and salt and pepper, to taste. With rubber spatula, mix all ingredients together.


Taste and season with additional salt and pepper, if desired.


Serve with tortilla chips.

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