In your dreams, according to an interview with Jerry Jones on the Fan Radio show this week (Paraphrasing) “…Jason is our coach for this whole season, when he was 3/0 and still at 0/3”. Pero, does that include losing to the winless Jets? Well of course that question has been asked and answered already by Jones.




“Well, by now I think you know; Jason Garret is not Jimmy Johnson and of course for sure no Tom Landry.” 


However, for many of the Cowboy’s faithful hoped and some even prayed, that we could finally bid Adieu to old Carrot top – AKA ‘The Clapper’. After all, who should you blame when you have a team that seems to be unprepared and almost clueless in the first half of the last three games? How can you go three games without scoring a touchdown in the first half? Especially since the offense was one of the top-rated offenses in the NFC. And of course, the defense was also said to be ready for a playoff run.  Well evidently, we were all sold a lie and most of us were more than willing to buy in. God forgive those among us that started talking Super Bowl three games into the season.

  Pero, in the defense of all those naive tortured souls- the talent is there. And, really both on offense and defense! Haven’t other teams been able to make it to the mountain top with lesser talent? An easy example is the Patriots. But there are many more examples. So, what is the difference?

  This team has been compared to the Jimmy Johnson nineties teams and yes, I for one can really see the comparison. So why can’t this teams and some in the past win big like the Jimmy Johnson teams? And, as a matter of fact let’s not forgot Tom Landry either. Well, by now I think you know; Jason Garret is not Jimmy Johnson and of course for sure no Tom Landry.  And, guess what? He will never be. But that’s okay find a way to win as Jason. Either way please beat the hated Eagles on Sunday or if you can’t many are asking for a blow-out. That way maybe, just maybe our dreams may come true…

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