The Beach Army Hospital adds to the lists of haunted places in Mineral Wells Texas. And some say it could be one of the most haunted locations in all of Texas. After visiting there myself, I agree. 

By Nisie


Photo Credit: US Army

Photo Credit: US Army

 In the 1940s the US Army installed a temporary army base, it was equipped to house up to 30,000 soldiers at one time. And, during World War Two, the base kept German POWs. Then in the ’50s, an additional hospital dedicated to the aviation sector was added on the base. But now it is completely abandoned, excepts for the restless spirits who never left.

            Last weekend I went along with the Out Seer crew to explore the haunted Beach Army Hospital and it is safe to say that I am afraid of ghosts and ghouls too. When we first arrived, we were surprised to see the hospital was surrounded by abandoned army barracks, as we drove past the empty watchtower I was overcome by a dreadful feeling. But the mood quickly turned to excitement when we found the main entrance to the hospital was easily accessible. Once we were inside, I was surprised to see the hospital was still in relatively good condition. The further we ventured into the hospital, the darker the hallways became. I wanted to be skeptical of every sound or odd movement in my prereferral vision because I knew I was already frightened by the stories of satanic rituals and paranormal activity that has been reported here but my skepticism turned into extreme trepidation by the time I reached the basement. 


            It is very easy to get turned around in the hospital, if you are not paying attention you can walk through a giant hole in the wall and forget what room you came from. But when we began to approach the basement, my own crew began to throw me off. My dad, who is also our cameraman also experienced seeing or hearing someone from our group only to walk towards a completely empty room or hallway. I assume our frightened minds were just playing a trick on us, but some paranormal experts believe that demons sometimes disguise themselves as friends or loved ones for brief moments. Days later I am still asking myself what I was seeing. As we finally reached the basement, we were bewildered to find the electricity was on but even with the hallways being lit with yellow light bulbs, the basement seemed to be darker than the rest of the hospital. There was clear evidence of flooding down below, the walls were stained with water damage and the floors were muddy. We approached a bank of lockers that was clearly meant for the staff. But from there for some reason, our group became separated into three parts, which left me completely alone. 

            Realizing I was left alone I turned around to get another glimpse at the bank of lockers and I felt a sudden urge to go back in to get one more shot. But this time I felt a huge gust of warm air, followed by a horrifying deep growl. I calmly blamed the noise on an unseen cat or something and turned to the hallway to head to my crew. I thought I saw my brother Alf so I ran towards him but when I reached the staircase there was nobody around and I couldn’t hear anyone’s voices or footsteps anymore. I sprinted back in the opposite direction until I found the others. At the time I was so unnerved by the incident I decided to keep it to myself.         

            We wrapped up shooting after almost an hour, and I was relieved to finally be out of that dreary hospital. For days after I couldn’t stop thinking about the empty hospital and felt a sense of dread when I remembered my time roaming those dreadfully dim hallways. I never saw a ghost or a demon lurking in the shadows, but I know whether it was my darkest thoughts coming out to play or a lonely lost soul warning me to stay away – I never want to go back to the Haunted Beach Army Hospital.  

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  1. Me, my sis and her bf went to this hospital at night and she got the overwhelming urge that she was being watched the whole time and grew increasingly uneasy.

    Didn’t make it past the firsr floor since we heard whispers and banging and nopped out.

  2. Some of the spirits are wounded Vietnam War Veterans that came home to die. To them we say "thank you for your service. Welcome home."

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