These lies and many others may soon come to Texas classrooms. Porque (Why) senate bill SB3 (Updated version of HB3979) removes requirements to learn about diverse communities and their histories. Which will include stripping a diverse list of people and topics. Which, of course, will include people of color and women.

By A. Govea  


  In addition, it expands on HB 3979 that restricts classroom discussions about accurate history and current events. Credit, or extra credit for participating in civic organizations such as LULAC, will also be affected. The new bill, if passed, would also prohibit school and state agency employees from training about certain topics on race. Which includes historical facts about the founding of the U.S.


  The new restrictions are extensive and will require the state to spend 14.6 million on a new civics training program for teachers and staff. I am sure that all of us can list at least a half dozen other needs in education where this money would be best spent. There is a lot more to this bill than I have listed here. I invite you to pull it up by googling Texas Senate Bill 3, (SB3) The question that I have, and many others, is why SB3. Who is demanding this new law? Is it the same folks that are trying to pass minority suppressive voter laws? 

  If you answered YES, you would be right. It is our Republican elected representatives. Pero (But) again I ask why. As for the voter law, the reason is obvious as Texas becomes more and more minority; they know no Bueno for them. And rather than perhaps rethinking their party platform and coming into 2021, they want to go back to the 50s. For those of a certain age, you may remember the show All in The Family with Archie Bunker and the song that had the lyric “Guys like us (White) we had it made”. They want that time back. And since time travel has not been invented yet (far as I know) best thing to do is to rewrite history.

  Only one problem with that though, “You cannot unlearn what you already know” And since we all know the actual history of waiting for the White Man to give us rights, has not worked well. We (All of us) black, brown, white must stand up against any law that discriminates or disinherits any AMERICAN!

So, I ask that you please join me in reaching out to your elected state representatives to make them hear your voice. You can find your senator by clicking here

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