Día de la Madre sin la Madre: El endémico de violencia contra la mujer

Grey Harris El Día de la Madre es una celebración que ha sido festejada desde el tiempo de los griegos antiguos, y ha cambiado mucho durante los años. Al principio, era un festival de tres días de construir ofrendas que honraban a la madre de los dioses, y ahora es un día en el cual […]

Denton, We Can Do Better!

The incompetence of the Denton Central Appraisal District and the Tax office sometimes blows my mind.

960 Miles to Havana

It was official. I was going to Havana. I had opened my email and there it was, a permit from the Coast Guard allowing me to take my yacht into Cuban waters.

Will The Willfully Blind Give Way to The Force of the Future?

This country is dramatically divided. Some would say Right vs. Left; some would say Conservative vs. Progressive; some would say Fascist vs. Revolutionary. I would probably draw the line between The Willfully Blind vs. The Force of the Future.

Qué Hacer en Denton, Texas

Denton es famoso por ser la casa tanto de la Universidad del Norte de Texas como de la Universidad de la Mujer de Texas, pero hay mucho más que solo ser un pueblo universitario.

The Classic Definition of Insanity

If I said there were two America’s one sane and one insane. I think I would be correct. How else could the Republican Party allow a person with extremist political views to be a member of the party. That is insane.

Fear Holds Us Back

The confederate statue on the Denton Square has now been gone for several months with little to no opposition either on the square, in the Denton Record Chronicle, or with the County Commissioners.

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